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Tactical Response: Fighting Pistol

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On May 24th & 25th I took the Tactical Response Fighting Pistol Course held in Holidaysburg, PA.
I have to say that this was the most fun, informative, eye opening class.
This 2 day course is full of information, details, and drills drills drills.
There were 15 of us in the class and 2 instructors.
The instructors for our course were James Yeager (owner) and Aaron Little. (go here to learn about them ) both instructors were very knowledgeable and answered any and all questions asked.
They took time each day to do some "one on one" if anyone wanted or needed a little extra on what was taught that day.
The entire first day was all on the range (with a 1hr lunch break) with plenty of instruction.
Some of the drills on day one were, basic shooting drills, clearance drills, shooting positions (standing, kneeling, supine and prone) to include moving to multiple positions while engaging the target, shooting on the move(1 target then multiple targets) and shot placement (where on the body to shoot).
Day 2 started with 3hrs of classroom time which included legal issues.
Then it was back on the range for bullseye shooting, shooting from cover and lots more.
It's hard to sit here and explain how and why the drills are designed the way they are but to make it simple, they are meant to make you think and act with stress until it becomes second nature for you to just do it.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to or is carrying a ccw and for any LEO. The class is not designed for just LE but for everyone.
The cost is more than worth it and a lot is covered in the 2 days.
If you have the chance to take this course, DO IT, you will not regret it.
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Thanks Kid1911

Thanks for the informative thread post.
Sounds like a really nice, solid, basic instructional course.
Any members finding themselves in the vicinity of (or able to get to) Holidaysburg, PA. should look into these classes.
Looks like they have quite a few bases covered.

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Seeing as that is my IDPA club I had wanted to do this course - but many things got in the way - glad you enjoyed it tho - feedback from last year's one was very good too.

I expect you used the end range where we have the turning targets - ideal spot and we shoot PPC down there too.
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