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Hello everyone. I've not been posting much because i have had a very busy summer with both IDPA and USPSA matches and taking trainning such as the Tactical Response Advanced Pistol Class,The Tactical Alumni Weekend[this is only for alumni and it is 2-day of mini classes after classes taught by their instructors on just about anything you can think about] and i just got thru taking their Fighting Rifle class this past weekend[10/1&2/2005]. WOW is just about all i can say. I am and always been a pistol guy but i had a blast learning about the .223 and how to fight with it.I got to borrow one of their instructors rifle for the entire class and his was equiped with a Eotech sight and I LIKE IT.While you may first think of the rifle for long range usage[and it is for that], this weapon has definite use for close range fighting,and the Tactical Response guys can sure show you how to use it in that application.
I know we talk alot about the pistol and i am for that,but i have learned that you need to expand the proverbial tool box. Just don't have a hammer in there.
I have spoken before about these Tactical Response guys[James Yeager group] well they are the real deal. If you ever get the chance to train with them it will be money wisely spent.
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