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P95Carry said:
It's late evening - your wife asks you to drop down to the ''8 till late'' half a mile away, to pick up a jug of milk and a loaf of bread.

You arrive, park in small empty lot, go in and get the goods. Brief chat with clerk who you know - and five minutes later you return to car. Parking lot still appears empty as you scan, and no traffic visible.

"As you are about to start up, a car drives in real quick and stops abruptly, blocking your exit about six feet away" - you have no way to reverse into any useable clear space. Two guys immediately get out and each carries a gun hanging lose at side, each one heading for opposite sides of your car.

Total time from the appearance of car to the guys approaching - max 4 seconds.

Your action - based on no guns actually pointing and no shots yet fired? Remember, you are in your car, door shut. You are of course carrying.

Six feet is a lot, and most people do not park with front bumper against the building.

Do not believe the plot is well conceived.

I drive out if I have to drive thru building.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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