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Distance is your friend.

If these "persons" are LEO or BGs - I was not invited to the party- makes no nevermind.

If persons are on driver's side - I'm gonna do the 'shotgun roll' - reach over, pop the passenger side door open and roll myself out and away with vehicle offering cover/ concealement - something/ anything.

If Person's are on passenger side, I'm out the driver's door.

Ramming is an option.

I do NOT know if the person's are BGs. I do not know if the person's are LEO and someone in the store called the LEO. I do not know if the person that rang up my bread and milk was the BG and the store attendent(s) is/are in back, or if somehow attendent(s) hit a silent alarm, or was able to call for help.

I can make a real good observer and witness since I don't get paid to get shot at.

I always recall the question : "If you happened upon a alley and shots fired would you get involved?".

Remember the guy(s) with the gun(s) just might be a UC LEO...not a good idea to shoot a LEO

Since I have assisted with some UC LEO...

I did not venture down that dark alley as there may have been three or four dudes with a baseball bat - Richard Pryor

[yes I cleaned the quote up a bit]

Distance is your friend.

Oh...I keep a box of powdered milk in the cupboard for emergencies. I make scratch biscuits and use water not milk . I drink my coffee black and I ...well momma can learn to make scratch biscuits, drink her coffee black..." what about smokes?"

I gots a emergency pack in the truck, and one in my backpack.

To avoid trouble - don't be where trouble is.

Yeah I know - I think outside of the box a lot . :biggrin:

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Steve - I did mention - the clerk is a friend
Chris you are correct, I missed it.

Still I would prefer distance and being mobile.

The less attention I attract to myself [ exiting my vehicle] the more flexible I am in observing, seeking cover, calling the Police [to see if the Police were called / report suspicious activity request officers respond...] the better I can do most anything.

I too have been on both sides of this "fence". I have called and had folks observe and call the police.

Example : I hate cats. If I told a customer I took my cat to the vet - red flag. If a customer suspected something and asked me "how is the new kitten?" - "Fine = eveything okay" , " Had to take to vet" = trouble/ seek help.

I am a bit cautious about 911 and prefer to NOT use 911. Somebody driving by once noticed a safe door being loaded onto a wrecker. We had the Police in plain clothes ( off duty) to assist us with gettng this safe door repaired and help me baby sit the store while the door was fixed.

Marked cars arrived, gun drawn on me and the officers ' Ya'll being robbed or what?"

County got the 911 call and responded. Sad part is the city and state LEO assisting had called 911 and informed them and the alarm company. 911 never even made a note of this.

Distance , mobile and call the LEO direct. I don't do 911.
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