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Tactical Wall

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Of course they used the word tactical. Otherwise, it wouldn't be, well, uh, er, tactical.

Tactical Walls

And one particular example

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What the heck does he mean, "Sorry about the beard". I have one, admittedly it looks better than his, and I will never apologize for it. He could apologize for his products.
While I do not believe that this would be a solution for the storage of most firearms, it does not appear that the company intended it to be. I think that this could be a solution for placing firearms strategically around the house in a covert manner.

I like the idea, and I will purchase one if the price point makes sense.
Its not tactical! his walls are white not tactical black. LOL
Tactical white is the new tactical black.:wink:
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Not that hard to build if you got carpenter skills, the 14.5" is the distance between standard wall studs,might check into fabricating some for the HD shotty and AR in strategic tactical locations.
Instead of sliders should just have a note "In Case Of Emergency Break Glass"
Just saw these things via Personal And Home Defense Magazine's website. I've gotta say - if it wasn't for having kids, I'd have one or more of these installed already.
It's a pretty decent idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if the cost is reasonable + one zero added to the end. I saw some neat furniture with hidden compartments once, when I checked the pricing I about keeled over dead!

A burglar would probably find the storage behind the mirror pretty fast but it could be a lifesaver during a home invasion!
I stand corrected! Just clicked the link and the prices are by no means insane! Might have to check them out.
425 for the big lockable one, not to bad at all, well i guess putting my rifles in the fridge and under the mattress is no longer an option.
I watched "Silence of the lambs" the other day. The SWAT team going into the elevator had a "tactical ladder". It was blue, like mine.
Where does the forward grip, sliding stock, holographic sight and flashlight mount to it?
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