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Taking my CC Course tomorrow

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Tommorrow is a going to be a long day as I'm taking my CC Class tomorrow at my church for Missouri.

The Instructor is a great guy and a member of the church I go to and has an approved Marion County Sheriff Course that he teaches.

I know it's going to be boring but I under stand he's very thorough on the needed info we need.

I plan on making a full review of it so folks up here in North Eastern MO can have a good place to go when they get ready to get their CC Lics.
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I didn't find it too boring really. Just relax and soak up the info. Good luck!
Good luck, and+1 to kingdaddyoh, just soak up the information.
I didn't find it too boring really. Just relax and soak up the info. Good luck!
+1 same here...... I thought the same it was going to be....... but it sure wasnt the day went by fast... Had a GREAT instructor.....
You Might get a good laugh when the resident rambo shows up in BDU's with a desert eagle and enough war stories to cover at leat 3 wars he couldn't possibly have been in
It was just 5 men in the room. One being the Instructor.
All over the age of 50 and me, 26. Once city council member and then his friend and another older man in his 60's whose wife told him to take the class.
All to find out that the instructor, the council member and the other gentleman were Vietnam Vets.
Then later the Instructor brought out his arsenal of hand guns and ammo.

I learned so far quite a bit, some I already knew from here and other research I've done. But some new things. Like the need to practice dry fire, role play in my head from time to time. Then he went over the different ammo and I learned about two different and new to me rounds. The Glaser Safety Slug and the Aquila IQ rounds. WOW! I got to get me some of those.

The instructor is a NRA backed and trained instructor and gives the NRA Course plus all of the other MO required information.

Our range course was cut off and delayed due to the instructor having a family emergency and couldn't afford the time.

I look forward to getting my Certificate.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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