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Anyone ever order targets from here ???

Official NRA Silhouette & Law Enforcement Targets
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Sorry I haven't, I print my own and use left over IDPA targets.

I haven't bought a target in about 7 years
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I use 3" square yellow post-it notes.
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Nope, and I wouldnt. If a company cant update its site from the early 90's html flash crap...then they obviously dont care about their business image...which means they done need my business. Also, if you take a target to a commercial prinetr and order in bulk you can probably get them cheaper. Even better, google images of targets and print your own.
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Free targets

Just in case anyone is not familiar with this website, they have hundreds of FREE targets you can print out.
FREE TARGETS from Yes, that is the way they spell it. ENJOY!
Here's a site for fairly inexpensive targets:

Bulk Plastic Plates - Discount Paper Plates From Dollar General
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Nope sorry.

For handgun on my place, I use AR500 armor plate, and/or IDPA cardboard silhouettes from the “Target Barn”.

Targets, Bullets, Target stands, Holsters, Shooting Bags | Target Barn

I have, multiple times.

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does anyone know where templates for steel targets can be found? preferably a very diverse collection ( shapes, etc.) as well as small, medium, and large sizes. a do it yourself type of target construction. thanks
I have ordered these a few times... Welcome To EZ2CTARGETS.COM - High Visibility Paper Targets - EZ2CTARGETS.COM - We Make Target Shooting Easier To See
Good quality paper, very easy to see (EZ2C) images, free shipping and the more you order, the lower the price.
Quick delivery too.

Also, see these...Flip-N-Target - Folding wooden target stands for target shooters

Very cool! I ordered two, and several friends have ordered some. One guy even made his own after seeing how well the work.
They recently dropped the prices (for D.I.Y.) and the shipping still allows them to be a good value.
And if you like any of their paper targets, they throw them in the target stand box, so free shipping on them.
I use the EZ2C targets on the Flip-N-Target stands.
Yes, I did an order with them. Good prices and service and delivery was fine.
Just ordered my first time from them 2 weeks ago.
Prompt delivery--well boxed nice quality.
I'll order from them again.
Be sure to buy in bulk as shipping is expensive.
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