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Taurus copy cat

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My Taurus 85 is a copy of a S&W J-frame, right?

I'm searching for holsters.
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You shouldn't have a problem finding holsters for it by its own name that I could imagine. The model 85 is very popular.

Some of the other forumites have actually had one and I hope they'll chime in.
mz - my old M85 when used had a rather poor but functional rig - had I continued to use it for carry I would have sought better.

Better is out there tho - and I expect in some cases you'll find a rig designated for Smith J and Taurus as a common fit. Hopefully tho someone may have a specific they can recommend you.
I was specifically looking at Comp-Tac's site. They list the J-frame, but not the 85.
Could be our esteemed holster makers can chip in here - probably knowing the score.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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