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Taurus PT92C

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Is this a rare gun? i own one , never seen one anywhere for sale or anyone that has one, I almost sold it but i decided to keep it and do some research if its rare or not.
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dont know but the line of Taurus PT 92/99 is a great line..I actually prefer them to the Berettas. I had a PT99 that ran 100%...was even more reliable than my Glock 23. And has been the ONLY gun that NEVER once in over 5,000 rounds through it had a malfunction of any kind..ever..not once.
The PT92C is a little bit of a rare gun. I had one and got rid of it. It was supposed to be one of the first "compact" pistols. The 13 round mags are hard to find. Overall I was happy with the gun, but didn't see the need to keep.
The PT-92C (discontinued; they stopped making them in 1996 ) was replaced by the PT-917 which has some improvements in the design

The 917 adds a decocker, and the grip size is the same as the full sized PT92. The PT917 has one-inch shorter barrel than a 92, but there is no benefit to it because the 917's size overall is the same as the full sized 92

So, the PT-92C Compact is fairly rare, but not rare like a collector's item/in demand rare.
In 2005 they were selling used for $275-325
Current Prices:
I see a few each month for sale on Gunbroker, Gunsamerica and other auction sites, priced about 275-450 depending on condition and stainless or blued.. Cheapest i've seen lately was $200 on Gunsamerica, Most I've seen it for is about 475 for an unfired new-in-box Stainless on an Estate sale. Last one I saw for sale was Stainless very good condiion in Florida with 2 mags for $330. last month.... Here's a blued one more recently that didn't get the $300 reserve price and here's a recent Stainless that sold for $352.

And a very recent one in Florida (they sell a lot in Fla)
01-08-2010 PT-92C (Jacksonville Fla)
Shows some minor wear marks around the trigger guard. It has the Pachmyer grips comes with 4 15 round mags and three different holsters plus a plastic case. $350 SOLD

I like the 92C better than a 917 because it's smaller/shorter grip (though it's still fat, same as mini-glocks are).

Taurus was just before their time on this one, but now that more people have concealed carry permits, they should bring it back IMHO. However, most people want a thinner single stack grip for concealability, so that's where the market is headed now.

If yours is Stainless and you decide to sell it some time, let me know.
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however, most people want a thinner single stack grip for concealability, so that's where the market is headed now.
if only they were lighter!!!
if only they were lighter!!!
I'm probably getting one of these pocket guns as soon as they hit the stores:
Archangel MCP 9mm
7 ounces
I have a full size PT-99, the adjustable sight version of the PT-92. I love that gun much better than the Beretta M9 I used to have. The safety is in a much better place. Frame mounted as in the 1911 on the Taurus as opposed to the slide mounted safety on the Beretta.

I would like to add one of the 92C models to my collection in the future. And I agree, Taurus should bring the model back as more and more people get carry permits. I think the model would be even more popular now than it was in the 90's.
Taurus now has out a new model for this niche. The PT709 "Slim" single stack 9mm for concealed carry. Small, thin, light, adj sights, frame mounted thumb safety. I've had one for several months and put 500 flawless rounds through it. It's ideal for CC. Very accurate right out of the box, very managable recoil, and small enough for pocket carry or IWB and not even know that it is there. I've been very impressed with my PT709 and my father-in-law's PT111. I have never seen a PT92C, do I can't really compare the two.
My PT92C has Decocker installed cuz most older PT92C dont come with a decocker. When i bought mine it was in mint condition and i looked up my gun was made in 1996.
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