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Tennesseeans (Veterans MUST READ) - New CC Law Amendment "Lifetime Carry"

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There is an amendment making its way through the State Government that would allow veterans with 20 years of service and permanently disabled veterans to receive a LIFETIME CARRY PERMIT. SB0956 is currently in the Finance Division of the state and has a tentative date of going into effective on 14 January 2014. Original date was July of 2013 but had to be delayed due to time requirements for state to implement. There is a one time fee of $200 to be issued the lifetime permit. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR TENNESSEE STATE SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE TO SUPPORT THIS BILL. This bill was introduced to forever link our Second Amendment Rights with the sacrifices of our veterans. Please throw your support behind this bill which is the only one of its kind for veterans in the U.S. that I know of. It was introduced by State Senator Randy McNally who has stepped up for not only our veterans but our Second Amendment Rights as well. If possible please send Sen. McNally an email thanking him for introducing this bill during a time our Second Amendment Rights are under attack. Thus far it has not received any Nay Votes. Hopefully other states will pick up on this as well.

Bill Summary

This bill specifies that, on or after July 1, 2013, any state handgun carry permit issued or renewed to one of the following persons would not expire or be subject to renewal during the lifetime of the permit holder as long as the holder's permit is not revoked:
(1) Any retired member of the United States military with 20 or more years of service as evidenced by such retirement status documentation as the commissioner of safety requires to prove eligibility; and
(2) Any disabled veteran who has any service-connected disability that is determined by the veterans' administration to constitute a permanent and total disability or for which the veteran receives a disability rating of 100 percent as evidenced by any official finding or rating as to disability by the United States veterans' administration.

Source: Judical Committee Voting

Bill Votes

SB0956 by McNally - S. JUD COMM.:
Recommended for passage w/amendments- refer to: S. FW&M Comm. 3/5/2013

Senators voting aye were: Kelsey, Overbey, Campfield, Bell, Finney L, Gardenhire, Green, Stevens -- 8.
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Thumbs up to the state of Tn. and to Senators Kelsey, Overbey, Campfield, Bell, Finney, Gardenhire, Green and Stevens. An e-mail will be sent to all showing support.
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