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I was looking for ammo to use in my Beretta CX4 Storm. This little weapon is carried on my back while scouting/recon at my hunting lease both on foot and on ATV. I wanted to use it for very close range Fla.deer and smallish hogs. Also I hunt coyotes at the club. I found a good deal on Ebay so I swooped up several boxes of Hornady .45 ACP;230gr. HP/XTP;#9096. I have done some "testing" of this ammo and it seems to perform very well out of my Storm. Granted that the 16" bbl will send the bullett out at almost 1100fps but I have read tests that say "968fps out of a 5"bbl". Have now killed several critters with this ammo and it always passes completely through with (seems like) max expansion. This ammo might be worth taking a look at for the .45 ACP / 230gr. lovers out there. It's fairly cheep at $10-$12 per 20. I already have lots of ammo that I use for my CCW weapon but will find some more of the above ammo to use for hunting.----