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Tetra Gun Products

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What do you guys know about this stuff?

I picked up some cleaner and oil from them today during the SHOT Show.

The guy talked a good game. Has anyone actually used this stuff and if so what do you think of it?

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I have tried the Tetra Grease Bob (tube of white stuff) - and reckon it is well up there as greases go. Use sparingly and distribute thoroughly.

That said I am backing off from much grease use now - well, on slide rails, due to being a terrible crud magnet. So am more into Militech! these days. There are odd places within the gun where judicious use can be useful.

My lube approach these days is ever more ''less is more''. I'd rather strip and clean that bit more often.

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I use the Tetra Gun Grease and the Liquid Tetra PTFE lube. I like to use them on the bearing surfaces of my pistols and use a drop or two of the liquid on the lockwork of my revolvers. The liquid Tetra also makes a nice protective coating: spread a drop or two on the outside of the firearm, allow to dry and lightly wipe. This leaves a non-tacky PTFE coating.

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Militec lists a grease on their site too but don't see it in any size other than what appears to be "grease gun" tubes. There's a small sample tube that comes in one of their variety packs, that'd be perfect for the range bag but it doesn't seem to be available by itself.

I'm still using the sugar cube sized vials of GI slide grease I bought at the gun show several years ago. I'd like to upgrade to something better but I don't want to buy 3 gallons of the stuff either. Any ideas?

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Bud White said:
try Brian Enos Slide Glide good stuff

there various grades i use std and it works here in winter but there's also a lighter grade for carry use
I was ready to order some of that stuff 'til I saw:

- All stock-type semi-auto pistols, rifles and shotguns, in normal temperatures (above 50 degrees F)

- Slide-Glide Lite - Lightest viscosity
All stock-type semi-auto pistols, rifles and shotguns, in cooler temperatures (below 50 degrees F)

That makes its use very complicated since it is so temperature dependent. The temp. can easily go from below 50 to above 50 just going from inside to outside, much less seasonal changes and temp. changes throughout the day.

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he does make it to complicated i use

All stock-type semi-auto pistols, rifles and shotguns, in normal temperatures (above 50 degrees F)

I've never had a problem even with hunting guns that have sit out in the cold .. Also for a carry gun i know it don't get under 50 degrees under my coat usually and if it does i want a new coat.

if your really worried about it run the Lite as it says for

Slide-Glide Lite - Lightest viscosity

All carry guns applied extremely sparingly (for reliability)

Again i use the Standard weight in all my guns be it glock or 1911 or anything else never had a problem
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