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Texas CHL/Crossbreed Holster Order Timeframe updates

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Well, on my introductory post about 8 weeks ago, I'd mentioned that I mailed off my Texas CHL paperwork (after doing the online application) and ordered my Crossbreed Supertuck on the same day. That was January 21. I wondered in my post which would get here sooner, a sort of wager. :) Well, lo and behold, it ended up being a tie. Both my CHL and my Crossbreed arrived in the mail yesterday. Yep, that's right. 53 days on both. Think I could have gotten pretty good odds on them both arriving the same day back in January. While I must admit that it was a very long 53 days, the wait(s) are over! Woohoo! Wore the Crossbreed around the house last night and have it on today. Definitely made the right decision for me. Super comfortable and fantastic concealment.
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Congrats on both, glad I live in WA....don't think I could handle 53 days, mine took 3 business days. I planned on the Supertuck as well, but again, my patience wouldn't allow it. Got the FoxX hybrid and I have to say the Hybrid holsters are the way to go.
I purchased my "what became" the super tuck at a police supply store in Springfield MO in 2006 or 2007. I have never looked for another holster. Last month I finally broke one of the "j" hooks and emailed crossbreed, asking how much for replacements. They mailed me a set, free.

Awesome holster and good customer service, no wonder they are back-ordered forever ;)

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Congrats on both and welcome to the forum from a fellow Texian! 53 days is pretty good turnaround.
Congratulations on both! You'll like the holster. I have three for various pistols. Super comfortable, and very easy to conceal
Congrats on getting them! I am still waiting on my SuperTuck. Today is exactly 6 weeks since I placed my order, so hopefully it will be getting here soon. I've been meaning to take my CHL class in the past 6 weeks as well, but a few friends who wanted to take it with me have been putting it off. So I decided to do it myself tomorrow. I'll send my paperwork off ASAP for my CHL and would hope that my holster gets here before my license :smile:.
This may be the wrong forum for this but im going to try and hope im good.

I am doing my CHL class in 2 hours. Then the wait begins, and I'm preparing for about 90 days. That way I will be tickled if it gets here earlier.

I have a .38 sp that I normally carry in my front jeans pocket. I want an inside the pocket holster for smoother draw and protection for the pistol from "pocket stuff", not to mention the fact I am constantly concerned about getting my jeans pocket snagged on something while climbing on a load, tarping, using tie downs, etc., causing an accidental trigger pull, and I can't find one. All I've seen are for semi-autos. I feel like I'm the only one that prefers a revolver for everyday carry. Any suggestions?
........ While I must admit that it was a very long 53 days, the wait(s) are over! Woohoo! Wore the Crossbreed.
Thanks for the crossbreed update. I ordered mine 8 days after you and just been waiting. This may mean i see mine in the next week. Woot!!
I didn't know that the authority that issues TX CHLs were in lock step with Crossbreed. Conspiracy!

Congratulations! Now you have absolutely no excuse not to carry all the time. We'll give you permission to disarm yourself while taking a shower & when you go to bed. Grudgingly.
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