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Man, Bryan, I dunno how I managed to overlook this thread when it first started, but better late than never! Imagine my surprise, seeing a 9mm thread started by @bmcgilvray !

From the time I got my first pistol (1975), it was many years before I had any interest in the 9mm at all. Figured it couldn't do anything that a .38, or .357, or .45 ACP couldn't do better! It wasn't until 16 years later (1991) that I decided I'd get one. Social factors motivated me to get a "hi-capacity" pistol, and I ended up with a Ruger P85 MkII:


Although the P85 was a sweet shooter, the 9mm still never really caught my fancy until another 20 years had passed, when Kahr came out with the CM9, and in 2005, the S&W Shield came along. Having a subcompact service-caliber pistol fit my bill at tht point.

In the years since, the 9mm has really grown on me. I've accumulated a nice M&P family, with the full-size M&P9, the M&P9C, and the Shield:


I like to pick up the occasional oddball pistol, and being a Colt fanboy, I got this All-American 2000 a few years back:


In spite of what you may have heard, it's really a nice pistol! Colt's "too-little-too-late" entry into the plastic fantastic wundernine world, it's got great ergonomics and is a very well-made piece. The only real downside is a very heavy trigger, but as I understand it, that was a political blunder rather than an actual design flaw.

You've probably noticed that I've become a P365 fanboy! My favorite CCW, shown here with the ol' CM9:


You'll recall that I bit the bullet on a P210 a couple years ago:


Absolutely no practical use for it, but I found a good deal, and had to have it!

Finally, one more "pistol" I acquired a while back - tragically lost in the boating accident:


It's by Foxtrot Mike, and takes Glock 17 mags. Fun range toy!

So, even those of us who have no use for 9mm's can somehow end up with a few! 😜

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I know Jim. I'm so ashamed.

Still, your Colt All American's pretty cool in an off-the-wall kind of way and I covet your P210.
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