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The "addiction" is STILL STRONG with this one! OK, "Cough up" your 1911s !!

I was in rotation through my Fall/Winter carry guns, and came up with this one...I've got a lotta 1911s, BUT, I can't remember this one......... I believe I posted it before, BUT I'm getting the "CRS" syndrome..... I remember buying it for about 525.00 early this year.. Only thing that was Modded was the grip safety and thumb safety, and grips ..I have the COLT MAG somewhere in my stagh of Mags, THIS one is a Wilson Combat D47, and Probably goes with that Wilson CQB I bought last December) otherwise, it's pure original...(easy fix to change the parts)
OK....COUGH EM UP........Let's see YOUR Goodies!! :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::biggrin2::biggrin2::biggrin2:


1 - 20 of 106 Posts