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Fellow SC members,

State Senator Glenn Reese is delaying the passage of S308 (would allow restaurant carry) with silly amendments. Call him today at (803) 212-6108 to tell him what you think.

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Dear Whec,

State Senator Glenn Reese (D-Spartanburg) said he has an amendment to require you to use silver bullets if you carry in a restaurant!

In fact, there are twenty-nine such silly amendments being proposed in an undisguised attempt to delay and kill a bill that would simply allow CWP holders to carry into a restaurant that serves alcohol.

Today, carry into just about any restaurant except fast food is banned . . . simply because they serve alcohol.

Worse than Senator Reese’s ridiculous delay tactics, inside sources tell me some Republican Senators are negotiating an unneeded compromise. More on that in a minute.

Did you know that it is legal for a South Carolina CWP holder to have a drink while carrying just about anywhere in our state, but he can’t carry into a restaurant that serves alcohol, even if he is not drinking!

That’s right! If you are carrying a self-defense firearm and step across the threshold of a restaurant that serves alcohol, you suddenly become a criminal. . .

. . . even if you are not drinking!

But that silliness will end as soon as S308 becomes law.

S308 would make it legal for a CWP holder to carry into a restaurant that serves alcohol as long as they don’t drink.

Forty-four states allow restaurant carry.

South Carolina is not one of them.

But Senator Reese has his own form of silliness that he is forcing upon the SC Senate.

Yesterday he wasted hours on the Senate floor proposing and "explaining" amendments that would limit the weapon a CWP holder can carry into a restaurant to things such as:
Only a single action revolver
Only a double action revolver
Only a 9mm semi-auto
Only a gun made of light weight alloy
Only a gun with a laser sight
Each of these proposals was a separate amendment that required a separate explanation and of course a separate roll call vote.

In fact, he plans to continue that silliness today!

What a waste of taxpayer time and money!

Please call Senator Glenn Reese at (803) 212-6108 and tell him what you think of his undisguised tactics at delay.

But, I fear these delay tactics are just a smoke screen to hide the real danger.

On the sidelines of the Senate floor a negotiation is going on to put a time limit on the closing time of any restaurant that you would be allowed to carry into.

Late night is the most dangerous time!

That’s when you need your weapon the most . . . when you are walking into a dark parking lot and no one else is around, except someone looking for a victim.

And your Senators are working on a compromise with the anti-gun liberals in the state Senate to disarm you when you most need protection.

Even worse, this amendment could prevent you from carrying into your favorite pizza joint or late night diner at any time, just because they stay open after 10 p.m.

So, please contact your Senator RIGHT NOW and tell them "no time limit" on your right to carry into a restaurant.

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I am not from South Carolina, but it sounds like ya'll have a certified "id-jit" running amock over there. Hope you all band together and tell the village idiot he lost. Best of luck to you all, hope you over load his phones and email.
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I hope that South Carolina will recognize my Nebraska permit or Utah permit. I'm going there at the end of May and won't be able to carry. :mad:

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All I can say for Reese is that he knows those who vote for him. He has been an embarrasment to "most" of Spartanburg for decades. FYI:he owns the Krispy Kreme in Spartanburg (yep, the one right across the street from the auditorium). If you are ever in our fine city please do not get your donughts there.

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If any of you call or email Mr. Reese, please remind him that Jake Knotts was against this bill too and now he is unemployed. Knotts got beat by Katrina Shealy who has a strong gun rights platform. She was also majorly out spent by Knotts who had a lot of good old boy support.

Reese represents the city of Spartanburg plus the rural areas north/northeast of Spartanburg. Most of those rural voters will be on our side.
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