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I first discovered the impressive velocity and accuracy of the BCM 16" Light Weight Enhanced (LWE) barrel a while back and started comparing it to other guns, especially 18" barrels that I seem to have a fondness for presently. I posted a table of guns and ammo in a thread and I reproduced it here for convenience, and added two 18" Faxon barrels. You'll notice that so far I haven't had a chance to chrono all the ammo in the Faxon barrels.

Notice that the BCM 16" LWE is faster in 4 out of 5 of the ammo brands and weights.

HPR 55 gr VMAXIMI 77 grIMI 69 grAus OB 69 grAus OB 55 gr
BCM 16" LWE29352728286326712894
BCM 16" SS41027592624289525902786
Dan Def 18"26582654281724582764
Faxon 18" HF28362877
Faxon 18" GUNNER2841
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