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The complete collection?

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just a quick question with a lot of potential for various input. What in your own personal opinion would make a complete collection. I am talking strictly gun types not specific guns. for example 1911, polymer, revolver ect...
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Thats hard to say and i don't think my collection could ever bee complete

I have 5 1911's or is it 6 few glocks lot of wheelies and rifles and i still want more of everything except glocks
Basic starter set: Covers most needs with plenty of room for additions.

1911 pistol
.22 rifle
.30-.30 Winchester model 94
12 Gauge shotgun, Remington 870
That's a very difficult question to answer. I think it depends upon what your area of interest is. But since this is the CCW forum, I'm guessing you mean setting up a collection along those lines.
And in that case......

I see it broken down into three areas- Primary Carry Gun; Backup/Always Gun; and Alternate Primary Carry Gun.

1-Primary carry gun:
Whatever that may be for you. I carry a full-size handgun year-round, but others go for a mid-size "compact" or "pocket" gun. I'll go with what I use here.

I usually carry a 5" 1911. Therefore, I would always want to have at least two of those, set-up at least fairly close to the same. If one goes down for some reason, I don't want to be waiting on parts or a gunsmith.
For the past couple of years, my primary has been a Kimber TLE stainless, with a lightly customized Colt 1991 "standing by". But I have no shortage of 5" 1911s.

2-Backup/second/always gun:
I always have a smaller gun, usually in a pocket holster. I have the primary gun 99% of the time I'm awake, but if not, I still have the #2 gun.
Besides the reasons usually given by people for having a "backup", it's also handy in case I have to loan a gun to my wife.

I used to always carry a S&W J-frame here, but switched to a Kahr PM9 Covert about 18 months ago.

3- Alternate Primary Gun:
Sometimes, due to what I have to wear, I don't feel like I can conceal a 5" 1911 that well. I'm probably OK sometimes, but don't want to take chances. I don't really want to just go with the backup gun only. In those cases, I go with a slightly smaller full-size or compact gun. Although i usually carry a 5" 1911, I don't to a compact 1911 here because I've had less-than-ideal luck with them in the functioning area. I prefer to just go to a different design.
Here, I use a Browning HiPower or HK P7M8.
The HiPowers aren't that much smaller than a 1911, but sometimes a little is all it takes. The HK P7 hides under almost anything.

There is a sort-of system going on here.
The "Primary" and "Alternate Primary" guns all work in similar ways. I'm not switching from single action, to double action, to safe action, etc everytime I have to change guns. Going from the 1911 to the HiPower is a pretty easy switch due to similar trigger pulls, control locations, and so on. The sights on mine are basically the same.
The HK P7 is not as close, but the trigger is very similar, and is not a bad transition at all.
The Kahr backup is about as different as I'd like to go here. To me, the grip is Hi-Power-like, so is familiar. The trigger, while a long, DA-ish type, is easier for me adapt to after SA autos than a Glock auto or S&W revolver.

If I were still carrying a DA auto as a primary, like my Sig P220, I'd probably go with something like-
The P220 as the Primary, a P225 or 228 as Alternate Primary, and the Kahr for Backup.

Wow, that was a long-winded answer, and maybe not what you had in mind anyway, but there it is.
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Well, for me a full collection of 1911s would be: Gov't, Commander and Officer's ACP all in the same series (MKIV Series 80 Enhanced, XS, etc). Could also be all the same length from as many makers as you could afford: 5" from Colt, SA, Kimber, etc..

For other types of guns it isn't as clear cut - for snubbies it could be a set of Smiths in CS, Centennial and Bodyguard configs all in the same caliber. Maybe even something like a collection of 686s in all available barrel lengths or versions (6, 7 and 8 round).

Makarov's in East German, Russian, Russian Hi-cap, Bulgarian maybe?

How much money are we talking about for the collection? LOL
I always find myself a few short of complete... My wife used to ask me what my "goal list" was. When I actually sat down and tried to make a wish list I found it such a daunting task that I simply wrote down the words: "At least one of each."

She has not bothered me about such silly things as a "complete collection" since. :smile:
we have a four gun max on our permit i have a sigma 40
a spring field 5 inch and a kimber on mine so far plan on getting an air wight 38 or 357 with 2 inch bbl not sure wich make yet for a wheely i dont have one of those yet
Looking at this broadly I can identify various categories that I have and like to cover - most are filled at least in part - tho always room for more!!

Handguns -

Semi's including 1911, and DA/SA semi's - mostly carry duty guns. Of course too the ubiquitous .22! One or two real small pocket semi's too.
Revos - small carriable. Medium carry/hunt/recreational. Then the cannons covering large sizes :wink:
In category of its own the Contender.

Rifles -

First the essential 22LR.
Then hunting categories such as .308, 243 and .223.
EBR category such as FAL, L1A1.
And carbine types like AK, CX4 etc.

Shotguns -

Main here is 870 defensive piece.

This covers main breakdown of mine but can add oddments like air rifle, muzzleloaders and other shotties for trap/skeet etc.
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a collection of sorts...

several semi autos...
Colts, Sigs, various makes of 1911's,Rugers,TZ

several revolvers...
Colts, Taurus,Dan Wesson

several shotguns...

several "battle rifles"...
HK,Numerous AR's, SKS's,AK's

several Misurps...
Garand,Mauser,Turk,Mosin,Enfield,Swiss and Swede...

several "target"rifles...
Various Remington Bolts in .223,308,300, and a .50 BMG

several muzzleloaders...
all Thompson Center

a single shot pistol...
T/C with 6 different calibers..

various lever actions...
Winchester and Marlin

over a dozen .22's
Ruger,Remington,Winchester in semi auto,pump and bolt action.

all in all, a fairly "rounded"collection...:image035:

but still...there are guns that I NEED but dont have....:blink:

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What's your favorite AR? I'm considering one in the near future but not sure which model/variant, an A2 maybe. Either that or an M1A1 in .308 just to have a medium to long range target/plinker/shtf rifle.
Barry in IN said:
I see it broken down into three areas- Primary Carry Gun; Backup/Always Gun; and Alternate Primary Carry Gun.
I'll have to go with Barry on definite have-to-haves. I think personal preferance is the only judge as far as type is concerned. You will get totally different answers on type from each one of my family members who carry. Personally, I have to go with any of the SA XD's. They just have what I like.
I took the Glock armorer's course and then some shooting/handling courses to better learn about the weapon. The collection now is all Glock in 9mm. Nope, nothing else (in handguns)
I think my basic starter collection would have to include all of the following.

.22 rifle and pistol
Combat pistol (service caliber of choice)
Combat rifle (AK/AR type)
Shotgun (at least 20ga)
Scoped rifle (at least .223)
What's your favorite AR? I'm considering one in the near future but not sure which model/variant, an A2 maybe. Either that or an M1A1 in .308 just to have a medium to long range target/plinker/shtf rifle.
I like the Bushmasters. I think the 16" heavy barrel is good, but the 20" heavy is more accurate. Have you given any thought to the new DPMS .308 in the AR platform ? Several troopers here use them now and they seem to shoot well and are accurate. That would pretty well meet your criteria.
i like the glocks. started with the 9's, then move to the 40, then 45's. took several years to get it done. only did three guns in each cal.
In No Order Of Importance

Full Size tuned 1911 pattern or Commander.

A lighter more compact occasional carry option.

high quality ACCURATE .22 rim fire target pistol

.22 rim fire rifle

AK47 pattern ~ evil rifle

a nice lever action cowboy rifle

a shotty in "12" ~ (in any preferred configuration)

A 100% Reliable Small Back Up Gun

a scoped high power tack driving hunting rifle
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frankmako said:
i like the glocks. started with the 9's, then move to the 40, then 45's. took several years to get it done. only did three guns in each cal.
That's just about a full set of each caliber! :congrats: Good job! I'm still working on my 9mm's! :redface:
Funny...this is one of those "a hundred people a hundred different answers" questions. Different toys for different boys (and gals!).
I think that has a lot to do with what you need/want a collection for. If it's SHTF than I think a Pistol (in like caliber) for each person in the family and a military style rifle (AR-15, AK-47, etc) would be fine. Add in a shotgun and a .22 rifle and I think you would be all set.
Pretty open ended, but speaking toward utility (dealing with what one can afford vs. what one has, does anyone have a complete collection?)...
self-defense - Pistols:
home/night defense - Glock 17
open carry & hiking trail - XD45ACP
CCW - Sig239/40
self-defense - Rifles:
Home/night defense & general SHTF - AR15 16" .223
Home/night defense - 12Ga Shotgun
Hunting - Deer - .308/30.06 (on my wish list)
Hunting - Elk - 30.06 or larger (on my wish list)
Hunting - Birds - Longer Shotgun than I have (on my wish list)
Good luck with controlling your firearm collection disease however severe it may hit you. Mine keeps getting out of hand %-)
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