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The evolution of "What to Carry"

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When I was 21, I bought my first handgun. It was a 5-shot .38 revolver that I planned to carry for personal protection. Got my license to carry that same moth and I have held one ever since. I got to thinking about the many 'Best carry gun' and 'How many guns are enough?' threads and it took me along the path of my own development in arms.

As many do here, I own a lot of guns. My personal policy is to only buy a gun I plan to shoot or actively carry. No wall-hangers or 'safe-guns', except one that my uncle gave me just before he passed. That's a separate story....the point is, I buy a gun that I plan to USE. I shoot them enough and often enough that I am comfortable carrying any handgun I own. I have a good holster for each one, sometimes more. I keep a good supply of ammo for all of them, and I don't take my skills for granted.

I see threads here from folks asking what the 'best' gun or ammo is, and how many guns should they own? Everybody has an answer that works for them, but the most sensible one, for me, came from the same uncle that gave me the 'safe gun'. He said, "Own as many guns as you can afford and shoot well. Keep as much ammo as you can store safely and shoot as often as it takes to be good at it."

This quit being a hobby for me a long time ago. It is just a way of life and I rarely think about it, except as a part of the rest of the general condition yellow day-to-day for me. I get the feeling that many of the people here are in the same category.....and it's a good boat to be in!
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I don't know if I could ever have too many guns! But I probably could have too many carry guns. Right now I have three guns that I either CCW or would consider carrying: One is my Browning Hi-Power, one is a Beretta Nano and the last is an HK USP 9mm. The BHP was my main carry gun for about 20 years. Recently I've switched over to the Nano as my main CCW due to the compact size and the fact that I'm planning on sending my BHP to Cylinder & Slide for some tuning and customization. With the 8 round mag my Nano gives me 9 rounds in a compact, reliable and easy to shoot package. Still, I'm shopping for a holster for my USP and plan to eventually add it to the rotation.

The soul searching for me has been due to the Nano being a no-safety, point-and-shoot pistol where the BHP and USP are carried Condition One. I'm going to have to sort out the training issues before I make any permanent change from the Nano. I'd hate to have to pull my USP to save my life only to forget to sweep the safety! Yet, as much as I love the Nano there are times I'd be more comfortable having a full sized service/duty pistol. Depending on how things shake out, I may consider converting one of my USPs to the LEM trigger. This would give me a consistent manual of arms across all the platforms I'd be using for CCW.

I do want to stress that no matter how many guns I own, I don't intended to use them all for CCW. I think for training and muscle memory you should focus on just one or two different sidearms. You don't want to fumble the presentation under stress, and you will do what you train.
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Safety? what for a safety?
i have trwo carry guns: smith 542 (2" DAO 38) and aColt Mustang 380.
Both are carried with a round in the chamber. With the smith, simply pull trigger for loud noise.
With the Mustang, round in the hole, hammer down but not cocked. (It has a firing pin lock when the trigger is not held back)
I practiced with it, and when drawing out, your hand contacts the hammer and cocks it as you draw.
I usually carry the 38, as its a bit more powerful, and I am old school (revolvers)
The mustang is for shorts/tee shirt dress when the flatter gun is better,

With either weapon, I can at least 9 ring a standard sillouette target at 25' rapid fire

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I get a kick out of those threads. They are actually the reason why I dont really post a lot. Every darn question I have has been answered at least twice if not more. But yeah I agree. The best gun for you is exactly that. I remember when I bought my current carry m&p 45fs. The guy told me that he didn't like them at all and his opinion was that glock was the superior gun. I told him just cause you like apples doesn't mean I cant like oranges.

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I have several handguns I conceal carry.
I carry my 4" Power Custom 686 and 4" Power Custom 610 some when I can wear my Carrhart Jack Shirt, and keep it on. I carry the 610 in a Lobo Enhanced Pancake, and the 686 which is my SSR gun in a Lobo Enhanced Avenger.

I have shorter barrel revolvers that are a little more suitable for CC also.
I have a 3" S&W 625, and 2.5" 310 Night Guard. Both of which are N Frames.
I also have a 2" S&W 15-4, a 2.5" S&W 315 Night Guard, and a 3" S&W 66-2.
I also have the smaller size bases covered with a 442 Pro Moon Clip.
I also carry my 5" Colt 1911 some.

What I find is that I carry the 442 and 3" 66 the most of all of them.
The 442 mostly because it is small and easy to conceal under a larger selection of cover garments. I mostly carry in a Lobo Model 1 Pancake. In clod weather say at Church when I might need to come out of my cover garment I will switch to a pocket holster in a vest or inner coat pocket.

The 3" S&W 66-2 is a S&W Custom Shop gun. DAO, Trigger Job, Ball Loc, Chamfered Chambers, and Non-Standard Sights. Factory was a .300 Partridge front and a tall Black rear. I have since changed the front to a Cylinder & Slide Green Fiber Optic that I can see, and it is also the same sights I use on my Competition Revolvers.
My 315 Night Guard should be my favorite K Frame. However it is Rock Stock except for the Checkered wood Boot Grips.
The 66 is almost the same as my Competition SSR Revolver, just 1 inch shorter. Great Trigger, same sights, almost the same weight. I just plain like it.

I carry all of them some, but the 442 and 66 the most.
On my dresser are 6 Safariland Comp II speed loaders all in Safariland CD-2 Carriers. The K Frames loaded with 135 Short Barrel 38+P are plain (15-4 & 315 NG), the K Frame loaded with 135 Short Barrel 357 Magnum have a Yellow Dot on top (66-2), and the L Frame ones have a Green Dot on top (686). I also have 2 reloads for the 442. 135 short Barrel 38+P in TK moon clips, belt carried in a couple 5 Shot Shoot A Moon Carriers by California Competition Works. Sometimes I carry 2 reloads, somethmes only 1.
I carry most of the above in a Lobo Pancake holster. I have holsters for everyone of them.

I take spells on carrying the 1911. I have several holsters for it. My main one being a Rafter S Avenger in Black Shark with numerous matching single and double magazine pouches, cuff cases, pepper spray case, Light carrier, etc. I also have a Caldwell IWB for it. I have a couple BlackHawk Serpas in different colors I carry in during some Classes.

I try and carry everything at 3 - 4 O'Clock.
I carry my revolver reloads on the belt infront of the holster.
Everything except my 442 is in a shootable size.
I have an LCR 22 for my Practice/Training J Frame size revolver, so I can shoot the 442 at an exceptable skill level.

I like carrying several different handguns. While I need a small J Frame some times, I find that I carry something larger any time I can. I rotate around shooting all of them in our Club Defensive Pistol Matches. I have a very good handle on just how well I shoot each of them. As would be expected the longer the barrel, and the heavier the gun, the more accurate I am with them. This is probably why I carry the 66 more than the 315 Night Guard, I know I shoot the 66 just a little better.

I live in a low threat area. I was a Deputy for 15 years and Police Chief for a couple more. I have never done a Report on an Armed Robbery, Mugging, or Car Jacking ever. We do have a murders now and again, but never a random victim event. Almost always over Drugs or a Women.

Just My 2 Cents

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