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The Finest Revolver ~ Korth

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Now...the basic Plain Jane KORTH COMBAT Revolver will set ya back not quite five grand.
All the fancy stuff costs EXTRA. :biggrin:
Click on the pictures once you are on their home page.
Click Here To Go To The KORTH USA Site
Click the link below this cut~away photo to read the G&Ammo article about The Korth.
Korth CutAway

Here is a PDF file G&A Article
Click Here To Read It
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LOVELY cutaway that is QK.

Oh my - what luxury.

Back in my UK days we had a revo turned out by ''Davis'' - in fact a modified and tuned 686 very often IIRC. These were fine guns and superb sights but not up at this price level. I do recall one guy at Bisley competing with a Korth but they are outa reach I reckon for many folks.

Desirable - oh yeah!!!!!

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Hi Al

Yep, it's a tad bit on the pricy side.
Yeah...that would be $4,700 for just the basic N.I.B. version.
In Fact...I think the box is extra.
I am actually pretty impressed with the lockwork. I'm sure that it is BUTTER SMOOTH but, obviously requires lots of careful hand fitting.
The firearm is also made from specially hardened steel & then finish~machined AFTER it's hardened so the tolerances are extremely CLOSE.
Too expensive for me though. :biggrin:
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