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Our local Sunday paper had as a headline"City Examines Escort Service". This pertains to escort services provided by Police for businesses not the other kind of "escorts" :biggrin: The co-owner of a large petroleum distributor and owner of many convenience stores was interviewed. His response really pissed me off. Here is my letter to the Peoples Forum of this newspaper.

"On Sunday morning, Nov. 20, as I was reading the article about police escorts in the Albany Herald, Jeff Lanier’s statement got my attention. That statement “the Albany Police Department has always been there for us when we needed them, and I hope that continues.” And, “I thought we were already paying for services through taxation”. Well let’s see, if Mr. Lanier’s logic is correct, then Grandma can request an escort to deposit her Social Security check or Cousin Sally can request an escort to and from the Mall for Christmas shopping because she is carrying a large sum of cash. If that were to happen, our local crime rate would skyrocket!

In fact Courts have ruled that “when a municipality or other governmental entity undertakes to furnish police services, it assumes a duty to the public at large and not to individual members of the community”, Warren v. District of Columbia, Trautman v. City of Stamford, and particularly relating to Police escorts, Henderson v. City of St. Petersburg. There it is my fellow Citizens; the Police have no duty to protect you as an individual! What can we do? Well, Mayor Adams has an escort and he pays for that service, for which he is to be commended! I would suggest that a corporation such as Brad Lanier Oil Co. contract for services just as our Mayor Adams does and not rely on the public’s largess. What we can do as individuals? Learn how not to be victims, stay aware of your surroundings, and consider exercising your Second Amendment Right.

As a last note, these deposits seem to be made at closing time late at night. How many inebriated drivers are on the road after “Last Call!!”? Wouldn’t those Officers serve the public better by finding those drivers instead of escorting the receipts of an establishment that sells to and/or serves those same drunk drivers? Just my .02 cents worth."
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