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The Gladius Light - Neat! But $$$

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Some GREAT Hi-Tech features on this 80 Lumen Tac Light.
It is kinda pricey though.
Take A Look!

The Gladius
This essential tactical illumination tool was designed for our modern day warriors.

BlackHawk and Night-Ops have created a flashlight with incredible durability, output and features. Buy it for the looks, buy it for the name, but if you’re serious, buy it because it is a true fighting tool.

State of the art features include:

• Digital Intelligence: Multiple Modes
-Channel 1: Momentary
Use this to shine the full power of the Gladius on any threat.
-Channel 2: Strobe
This setting is deployed when the operator wishes to close the gap or disorient threats.
-Channel 3: Constant On / Adjustable
Programmable feature allows you to set the Gladius to turn on at any level of brightness and
adjust the light output levels.

The Gladius can be set to turn on at full power and dim while the push-button tailcap is pressed. It can also be set at minimal power then brighten to your desired level. These functions allow you to use the full power to blind and disorient a threat or the lower settings to see without squinting in confined areas.

Other Features include:
•Length 6.23" / Weight 6.63 oz.
•Bezel diameter 1.25" / Body diameter 1"
•Waterproof to 50 meters
•Contact Free Switching – no contacts to wear out
•Auto Temperature Control prevents battery drain and burnout
•Low Battery Indication let’s you know when you need new CR123s
•Exceptionally Hard Liquid Ceramic Coating Finish
•Maximum Hotspot Reflector for downrange illumination while still giving a good spread
•UCL Glass: The Ultra Clear Lens protects the reflector, transmitting 99% of the light output
• Up to 90 minutes @ full output (80+ Lumens)
• 400+ hours @ lowest setting (approximately .8 Lumens)

Need to secure your new Gladius to a weapon? See the GG&G Mounting Options for more information.
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Yikes! The price on that thing makes my Surefire look like it came out of the bargain bin. :biggrin:
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