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If the opportunity arose to engage this threat, that is what I would do. The reality is as I stated in my book "Distance is your Friend, But time is your enemy". What this means is that although the hostile may be unfamiliar with the function and nomenclature of the weapon, he is very likely to figure it out long before you have a chance to get far enough away.

Therefore as far as I am concerned an IMMEDIATE THREAT is present and as such the need for immediate and aggressive counter-measures are called for and appropriate.

To mix this scenario up a bit more, why not place it in a reduced light environment which is likely to be the time when such an attack would generally occur. Now can you be 100% sure that the position of the safety is such that you have a chance to effectively retreat? (Unless you have a big red S under your street cloths, I would not attempt it).

How about if under these same conditions you engage this threat and later determine that in fact the weapon you were threatened with was a Non-Fireing replica? Would this change anything? In my opinion no it would not.

The fact remains that a object or device which is immediately capable of inflicting death or grave bodily harm is being presented against you with no reasonable avenue of retreat.

These are just some of my basic thoughts on the issue and I feel I should say that these opinions ae only based upon the information provided and fully recognize that each scenario is likely to change contiually.

Be Safe

Bryan S. Williams
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