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Quoting from Gabe Suarez, I would 'shoot him to the ground' -- a firearm pointed at me is an imminent threat that must be stopped.
It is extremely likely that I would try to push his arm or his gun out of the way of my head, but I would be firing as my number one response. The fact that I am able to determine that his gun is on safe just means I have an extra moment of time to draw and fire. I'm too old and slow to just grab his gun (but many years ago, I actually did that with a little revolver that the kid apparently didn't know it only had a couple rounds in it and none on either side of the barrel -- and he hadn't cocked the hammer).
It may be that I then have to explain all kinds of things in court later, but I'd be alive to do it. And, what if the criminal is so fast that he gets the safety off and shoots me in the head? Then I die, but at least I'd have been trying to get 45 caliber bullets into him too.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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