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I'm glade that your all that cool headed to check to see if the safety is on with a gun stuck in your face.. I don't know if I would be, an quite frankly I don't know that most of us would be. The best as I see it would be to try for an opening to react, a distraction of his attention etc. Then do what ever you have to do, swipe the gun away, grab the gun, throw punches or any combination of things to give me enough time to draw my own piece and try to end it in MY favor!!
As far as securing the other guys weapon, I wouldn't touch it. If your safe where you are, just by being there your securing his weapon.. Your armed remember! Last thing I'd want is MY prints all over the weapon of the guy I just had to shoot. Hard for anyone to say the BG wasn't armed when HIS prints are the only ones on the gun!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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