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smartkangaroocarry holster

Any of you that have a smartcarry can make a kangaroo type holster out of it easily. Simply place your smartcarry loosely around your upper abdomen generally between your nipple line and belly button. Then go to a sewing store and get about 3 ft of nylon type belt material about 1 inch wide. Also buy 4 suspender clamps. Next have your significant(with sewing skill) other measure around from one side to the other over your shoulder and cut the belt material to length. Then add your suspender clamps. Basically what you are making here is a very short pair of suspenders. Clamp the suspenders to the smartcarry and your done! I like to use this setup in the winter. The gun is located at about 11:30 on my upper abd. and I just leave a button open for a very fast draw. Your gun is very concealed yet easily available esp. when you have a coat on or sitting in a vehicle.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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