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I have been using the Kangaroo holster to carry my PT111 for the last few weeks. I am very impressed with it. My mother in law asked my wife the other day if I ever utilize my CC wife laughed and said "He's been carrying everytime he has seen you since he got his permit." As you can tell, it is very well concealed....with the right clothing. I can't wear white T-shirts or it shows through. Some polo shirts that aren't loose enough show printing. When wearing an untucked Polo or Tshirt I can draw by using my left hand to pull my shirt up and then use my shooting hand to jerk the gun loose from the velcro strap. In a button up shirt I have been leaving one button open to access the gun, but my wife is going to experiment with sewing one button to the outside and putting velcro behind that so it doesn't have to look like I am unkept. :) I find that when wearing an undershirt, carrying in it is quite comfortable. I have not tried to carry with it at work yet, because I could see someone seeing the outline of the strap and asking me about it...that is why I am **HAVING** to buy a pocket gun. All in all, the Kangaroo holster is well worth the money!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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