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I guess this wins "Hands Down" as the best Flashlight out there. :biggrin2:

Click Here To Visit ITS ~ Innovative Tactical Solutions

This Is UNREAL! :yup:

It’s a Powerful Flashlight
85,000 Candlepower LED Flashlight
Instant ON/OFF
Manual Brightness Control
Water Resistant and Shock-proof

It’s a Complete Color Video Camera System
Hi-resolution Omni Vision Color and B&W Night Vision Video Camera System
1½ Inch TFT-LCD Color Monitor
Condenser Microphone
1 Gigabyte RAM stores 60 Minutes of High Quality Video and Audio (.asf’s), or takes 2,700 high-resolution snapshots (.jpgs)
Download Video to your Laptop, Desktop or on-board Computer in seconds
Record and document Field Contacts, Arrests, Apprehensions, Interviews, Crime Scene Searches, Traffic Accident Investigations, Vehicle Inventories, Vehicle and Truck Inspections, Cell Checks, Search Warrant Inventories, Domestic and Family Law Cases, Child Protective Cases and much, much more.

It’s a Complete, Covert Night Vision System
You can automatically convert the M-II to the covert, Night Vision Mode
Covertly document all nighttime investigations, arrests, searches and inventories and crime-in-progress investigations. Great for establishing Probable Cause in DWI and DUI arrests. Covertly records Field Sobriety Testing
Tactical Night Vision Imaging. No more Monoculars or extra Night Vision gear needed
Powerful, 880 Nanometer Infrared Illumination for complete covert viewing
Record up to 60 Minutes of crystal clear, covert Night Vision surveillance (Video and Audio), or take up to 2,700 high-resolution snapshots
Night Vision components use the Patented Tiger Vision™ Technology – the World’s leading CCD, Night Vision Standard

Instantly Downloads to Your Laptop, Desktop or On-board Computer
When returned to the charger, the M-II is ready to download its video, snapshot and/or audio memory. The convenient “Download” button is located on the M-II Charger/Data Docking Station. Upon activating the download button, the M-II’s video, snapshots and/or audio are automatically downloaded to your laptop, desktop or On-board computer. Software, 12-Volt power cord and USB cables included.

Rechargeable and Endless Operation
1½ Hours of continual Camera operation. 3½ Hours Flashlight Operation
High Density, High Capacity, Lithium-Ion Battery Pack will take more than 1,000 charges
Easy to change battery pack for extended use. Simply unscrew the ‘Tail Cap’ to change batteries.

Additional Features
Completely Water Resistant
Completely Shockproof
Aircraft aluminum construction for durability
Easy-to-use, Illuminated Control Buttons
12-Volt Vehicle Charger/Download Docking Station Included
1-Year Complete Parts and Labor Warranty
Extra Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Packs sold separately
Size: Large (17” Long)
Color: Non-glare, Matte Black
Weight: Large 3.2 Lbs.

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I'll add one to my Christmas list QK - you had said you were not sure what to get me :18:

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I thought I'd never see a squad-level, crew served, tactical make it ubertactical it needs to be available in ACM, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, and Forest Green.
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