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We did IIRC have a thread not too long ago where we discussed the Makarov.

I probably even posted a pic of mine. I did tho mention that I paid a bit extra for it cos, it is a Russian - tho a Bulgy import - only reason it got in!

On right side of frame are stampings re the Bulgy aspect but on left side - interesting! Here we have the Russian marking - the triangle in a circle.

Mine was in a box (Russian type cardboard!) - but did have not only the seemingly std brown/orange grips but a pair of black ones too - which I fitted. They feel good.

Blowback gun? Yes - basic? yes - but almost tough as nails. If they are still to be seen at gun shows for $149 - grab one - it is a fun gun for 9x18 and worth having IMO. Mag release is heel type but that ain't bad as it sounds. If I needed to - I'd carry this fella. is a great place for info - also good info on CZ-52.

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