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Dad had his Surefire G2 Nitrolon sitting on on a table, and I picked it up and pushed the button on. Because playing with really bright flashlights is so fun :biggrin: I kept pushing the button, flicking the light on and off, zapping different parts of the room. The light got dimmer and dimmer until it was no more. Hmm, I thought. Dad needs new batteries. I'll tell him when he comes home.

Hours later I hear POP! I can't figure out what caused it. My two nieces are playing with balloons in the next room, so I figure they popped one... but the sound seemed to come from this room.

Later on mom finds a clear plastic disc and asks me if I know what it goes to. It looks like the bulb cover to the Nitrolon. That's odd. How did it get on the floor eight feet away? I look at the light, and sure enough, it's missing the clear cover. I find the screw-on piece three feet away, and then the rubber O-ring around ten feet away in a different direction. Now that's odd.

I unscrew the Surefire and pop out the batteries. The first one slides right out, but the second takes some jiggling. It comes out in pieces in my hand, and I immediately flick it onto the table. It ruptured inside the light, and somehow, pressure of the battery gases blew the front end of the flashlight off. The bulb, however, still works.

We had bought a bunch of these Pentagonlight batteries from a vendor at the local gunshow; he sells Surefires and is expanding his inventory to include the more budgetable competition. And the Pentagonlight batteries were cheaper. I have six of them waiting in my Surefire extra battery case.

So, have you ever had something like this happen before? Is this a typical battery thing (I've seen leaky batteries, but I've never seen this happen before).

If I contacted Pentagonlight, do you think they'd respond with, "that's what happens when you cross our batteries with a Surefire?" :biggrin:
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