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The new Sig GSR Revolution Carry

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This weekend I picked up a Sig GSR Revolution Carry at a local gun show. My goal was to shop around this weekend for a new stainless Colt Commander to use as a new project gun. I wanted to start building a 4.25” barrel, commander style 1911, stainless, summer carry pistol. While doing research online and hitting all the gun shops in my general area I decided to check out Sig’s new GSR Revolution Carry. From Sig’s website it seamed to have all the specs I was going to build into the pistol anyway. All the gun shops told me it wasn’t out yet and if they were to order it for me, we were talking around $950 before taxes. I found one at a local gun show for $899 and the serial number is in the teens.

The GSR Revolution Carry is basically a Commander sized GSR with the 4.25” barrel and a Sig style slide profile. The sights are regular Novak night sights, dovetailed in, and the front sight is pinned in place. The frame is a full size 1911, stainless, frame and takes any regular 1911 magazines. I detail stripped it down, to clean out all the test fire residue, and noticed that the trigger is set up exactly like a Colt Series 80 with it’s little firing pin disconnect levers. The pistol came with two 8 round mags, a sig case and the standard useless cable lock that seams to come with all new handguns bought these days. The fit & finish is very good and the slide is tight & extremely smooth.

One thing that concerns me about this pistol is the Sig style slide profile. I may have trouble finding holsters for this pistol because it’s so new and the square slide profile makes it a tight fit in holsters made for a commander sized 1911. I test fit the pistol in a few of my 1911 holsters and it did fit but was tight as hell. Check out the following picture. Most 1911 slides have a rounder slide profile.

Well I haven’t had a chance to get to the range yet but as soon as I do I’ll post a range report. I have one question for any of you guys/gals that have Sig GSRs. How do you like them and have you had any problems with yours?
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Nice looking pistola! All the Sigs keep showing up here, I'm going to want one. <Gasp>......."Gun Lust"............:wink:

Have fun at the range with it, and keep us updated!
I love Sigs!

nice piece....

Get one if you can, you wont regret it....
The first run of the GSR was garbage but hopefully they have the bugs worked out. Lots of info at the both good and bad.
Hope they have the bugs worked out this time they should

Good looking Pistola though let us know how it shoots

That is a Pretty Square profile for the slide i suppose you could fit a holster to it if need be.
Congrats on the new SIG. I hope it's one of the good ones. Try contacting one of the better holster makers and see what they say. Actually you may get an answer here since some of the best hang out here.
I love the looks and if it performs then it will I think be a fitting extra member to the 1911 club.
torrejon224 said:
The first run of the GSR was garbage but hopefully they have the bugs worked out. Lots of info at the both good and bad.
I've read a lot of the posts on the M1911 forum and that really made me think hard about buying this pistol. However; from all the other info I can gather from the net, the newer 2nd gen GSR Revolutions are supposed to be higher quality. From what I’ve read & heard through gun shop gossip, Sig’s first generation GSRs were out sourced and manufactured outside of Sigs factory. Quality control was lousy and did not live up to Sig reputation for reliability. Big mistake on Sigs part and I think they were in a hurry to jump on the 1911 band wagon. Sig brought the manufacturing of their GSR’s under their control and added “Revolution” to the name to distinguish it from the crappy 1st Gen GSRs. I checked this pistol out closely and mechanically the fitting of all the parts seam to be top quality. I decided to take a chance on Sigs reputation and go with this pistol. If there are any minor issues with reliability then I’ll give the pistol about 1000 rounds to break in and possibly take it to a good gunsmith I know.
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I really like the look's of it. It will be interesting to read your range reports and general reliability of the revolution. Good luck with it and keep posting about it.

The GSR's make a good base gun for any mods as they have no MIM parts. I think your going to be impressed.
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