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Which new pistol - please read thread before choosing.

The next possible CCW weapon shall be . . .

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In an earlier post I mentioned that each of my current centerfire pistols are from different manufacturers. I currently have . . .

S&W 586 6" no dash - beautiful 357 mag revolver.
Kimber TLE II 45acp - trouble free tack driver.
Sig P229 357sig, 40s&w - flawless functioning primary ccw weapon.
Kahr PM-9 9x19 - carefree tiny mite of a gun secondary ccw/always gun.
Springfield XD9 tactical 9x19 - ever running very accurate nightstand gun.
CZ 75BD 9x19 - ceaseless fun range weapon / the nightstand backup.

The main two themes here are no malfunctions and all different manufacturers. If I had any caveats about the above weapons it would be that I would like the finish on the XD to be more durable and I will be replacing the sights on the CZ with nightsights. I like them all and I shoot them all. Variety is the spice of life.

Now on to my problem. I can only afford one more weapon before the end of the year the candidates are as follows . . .

HK USP compact var-3, 45acp or 357 sig. The HK is liked by many. I have only had the chance to fire a USP 45 once so I may have to buy one for a longer evaluation.

Colt 1991 series - O4091U: Commander Stainless, 45acp. Colt lovers are hardcore and vociferous. This weapon would scratch 3 itches. 1-I do not own a Colt, 2-I do not have a commander sized 45, and 3-I do not have a fully stainless pistol yet. I must ponder this . . .

Para-Ordnance Nite Hawg, 45acp. Para brought us the high capacity 45acp and their weapons are enjoyed by the many faithful. The Nite-Hawg could be the powerful CCW I have been looking for however it is a bit on the "fat" side. What do you expect from a Hawg anyway.

Kahr P45, 45 acp. The P45 could be the weapon that breaks my "no two guns from the same manufacturer" past. The ease of carry of the PM-9 has led me to look into this weapon. If I can find a weapon that disappears like the PM-9 with the power of 45acp I may just have to go with it.

So you see my quandary. I can only have one so which shall it be? Please list your reasoning behind your choice and experiences with the weapon if you have them.
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HK ,flawless operation. Perhaps a P2000 might be a better choice if ya don't mind a DAO trigger.

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I would personaly get a 1911, not a 1991, For the money its hard to beat the XSE line of Colts (plus you get the "cool"roll mark with the XSE) I would put another $150-$200 with what ya got and get the 04012XSE Commander (I am saying this cause I just ordered a XSE Commander 04012XSE, and should have it in a few days)

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Hey Bruce,

Give us a range report on the new "gal" when you get her. I do not know a lot about the XSE Colt line.


Hehehe, true I do not think any of the current HKs are all that compact. The p45 is a siren call to me as I so enjoy the PM-9 utility and ease of carry.


The Vers. 3 is the SA/DA decocker without the safety. One of my carry weapons is a Sig 229 and the HK v3 would be much like it.

So many guns and so little money :biggrin:

Keep the choices and reasoning coming!!

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I would Go With A Colt In .45acp

And absolutely I would go with Stainless.
All of my new CARRY pistols will be Stainless Steel from this point forward.
As much as I LOVE the look of nice Blue on Carbon Steel...I'm buying only Stainless.
I am SOLD on Stainless for Carry.

I am tired of adding Refinishing and Shipping Costs to the cost of any pistol that needs even a slight modification or even some sharp edges slightly softened.

I see every advantage to Stainless & no real disadvantage.
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