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Decent summary of the three biggies, if anyone here hasn't followed them. Lots of us have kids on campuses, or work around Universities. The only thing neutralizing these attempts was preparation and dedication. Sooner (rather than later) one of them will get it "right."

Lots of garbage about "suicide", "non-credible threats", etc.. If anyone wonders about the apparent schism between DHS and the local authorities, we should keep in mind that it's easier to deal with "surprise" casualties, than having mosques stormed and burned. "Everyone take their Prozac, and remain calm....."

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TheGreatGonzo said:
For more information contact:
Matthew Nagel, Institute Communications & Public Affairs
Contact Matthew [email protected]

Student Confesses to Campus Incident
ATLANTA (October 11, 2005) — A Georgia Tech student has indicated his involvement in an Oct. 10 incident involving a crude bottle explosive found on Tech’s east campus. The incident was not in any way the work of a “terrorist” group.

He turned himself in to Georgia Tech police the morning of Oct. 11 and confessed to his involvement. He’s facing charges for possession of a destructive device (a felony under Georgia Law) and reckless conduct (a misdemeanor under Georgia law).

The freshman engineering student has been temporarily suspended pending a student judiciary ruling.

The Georgia Tech Police Department and the Atlanta Police Department are still investigating the incident. The contents and exact nature of the bottle explosives have not been determined and are still under investigation.

Around 8:45AM on Oct. 10, during a routine grounds cleaning, a Georgia Tech facilities worker picked up an item believed to be trash in the courtyard between the Glenn and Cloudman residence halls on the southeast side of campus and it exploded.

Campus police were immediately notified, and the two residence halls were evacuated as a safety precaution. Approximately 100 students were evacuated from the two residence halls. Many students were already in class at the time of the event.

Two similar bottle explosives were found in the same area and the Atlanta Police and Fire Departments were called in to assess and contain the situation.

The Atlanta Police Department’s bomb squad detonated the remaining two bottle explosives shortly before noon and students were allowed to reenter the residence halls. The facilities worker was taken to a clinic for evaluation and released.

While this incident unfortunately was frightening for many Georgia Tech students and employees, it turned out to be an excellent test of Tech’s emergency preparedness program. All emergency response efforts functioned exceedingly well, and Tech has every confidence that would be the case if such an incident occurred in the future.
Which is basically what David Boren (OU President) is saying. Don't get me wrong, co-inky-dinks do happen, but I can tell you, from "the inside", the press info on the OU suicide is pure crap. Haven't followed up with any one (on campus) in CA or GA, yet.

For instance, the OU incident is, "in no way related to foreign or domestic terrorists", but the day after, concrete anti-truck barricades were in place at both the OU, and OSU facilities. The FBI has made this statement, but has not corroborated it with campus surveillance camera footage, or statements by on-site security personnel, who may have been responsible for turning the "distraught young man" away from the stadium(ie, the kid was turned away from the stadium, or-if a genuine "suicide"- never tried to enter).
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