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The 'proliferation of guns.'

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Whenever I read or hear a story in the media about the possible reasons for crime, usually one idea that is offered is that in America there is a "proliferarion of guns." The idea here is that there is so many firearms and so many people with criminal intentions that a genteel society will so fall prey as these groups come together.

I have a different bizarre idea. I feel freer with this river of guns, for an odd reason. Follow me.

In my area, they played the 1970's movies from the Godfather series. To many past generations, "the crime out there" was some sort of phantom they couldn't fight. Along with these groups being demistified, I have better guns than my relatives had. Something for an extortionist should ponder.

What about the Klan? Heck, that's not even a real threat. Have you any idea on how white sheets 'light up' in the night with the modern version of 'starlight scopes'?

Take gang-bangers. They don't know which way a baseball hat fits much less how to hold a pistol, they don't practice, their cars stick out like a sore thumb and again it's "bling vs. starlight scopes."

This 'river of guns' runs past my house, as well. I don't have to feel fear. I don't have to feel overwhelmed. When the left says "an ordinary citizen can buy the same rifle the army uses" I feel what modern pundits call 'entitlement.' My home can spit out the sting of the same bullets that Muslim terrorists feel.

I can use this low cost glut and I don't have to give in, knuckle under, fear or take flight. For about the cost of one-third of a tank of gasoline I can once again buy high-cap magazines. I can buy the military calibres of Wolf ammo for the change I have left over from a burger.

I sit here with a fully loaded Glock 27. I paid cash for it. And the month I bought it I also paid my mortgage payment in cash. I no longer look at the word 'proliferation' as a dirty word.
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I like your thoughts Tourist, the proliferation of guns has never been the problem. The court system and defense lawyers have shaded our system of justice. Judges "interpret the law" rather than apply it. Predators have rights, victims do not. This is the most screwball thing about our system of justice. Our courts entertain frivolous lawsuits and then refuse to determine whether or not the 2nd amendment is for the general population or only for police and military. Then they decide which guns we may or may not own.

We all know the stats about a gun-free society and how easily that turns into a criminal paradise. It becomes a victim rich environment.

I'm not going to start a rant here, though I easily could, this is a very sore subject with me.

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I have been meaning to address this issue for quite sometime.

In Elmer Keith's book 'Sixgun,' he states, "Guns are expensive and have always been."

Well, perhaps a finely engraved double rifle. But if you're looking for self defense firearms, modern manufacturing processes has leveled pricing to where anyone can protect his home. And as long as gun shows exist, there are great buys in the secondary market. I know I'm going to check out pricing for high-caps again.

Here's a strange facet of this concept. My computer is here, in the upper level of my home; the gun room is in the lower level, and I cannot see it from here. That being said, I have no true idea how many boxes of Golden Sabers I own.

I buy them, periodically, from errant pocket change. It can be done.

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Great subject! I agree with your sentiments 100%.

The ''proliferation'' is of course for the most part - ''legal'' ownership. Tho to listen to the Brady Bunch et al - you'd be forgiven for thinking quite the reverse.

9/11 caused a considerable upsurge - certainly with PD and HD purchases. pretty predictable. As far as the gang-banger-blingers go - I'll doubt things there have changed much - they have always been ''aquiring'' pieces and always will.

Despite the expression being a tad over played - I am very mindful of ''An armed Society - is a polite Society''. Take guns from the mega majority and of course - those who have no respect for law will as ever - have theirs.

Makes me laugh when portents of gloom are expressed (rivers of blood) as another state gains CCW - and of course no such thing occurs. Responsible gun ownership saves lives .. period!!
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