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First off I was wondering how you guys choose to keep your weapons and other valuables safe, do you use a gun safe, or do you rely on some other means of protection? If you do use a safe, which kind do you have, i.e wall mounted safe, or a heavy safe and how protected do you feel if someone breaks into your house and finds your safe(while you are not there of course)?

I recently just purchased a protector 6740 safe(heavy safe), and I have to say for what I paid for the safe I believe that it was a very good value and well worth the purchase. As for if someone broke in while I was away I feel like the BG or BG's would have a very hard time getting the safe out of the house, that is if they could get it out, which I think would be next to impossible without some sort of equipment and without drawing the attention of my nosy neighbors.

I look forward to hear what you guys have to say and how others protect themselves.

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I have a Browning FN safe. Mine is inside my home and anchored to the floor and wall studs. In addition to the weight of the safe itself, I have 30 rifles, shotguns, and handguns in it in addition to about 1500 rounds of ammo. If anyway can get that safe out of my house, they probably earned it. I also have a gun vault on my bedstand which I use at night or when my grandkids come over for a visit...
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