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How would you cope with the Purge!!!

  • Stay home, remain vigilant with guns at the ready.

    Votes: 23 82.1%
  • Go out and help the less fortunate (It's the "sheep dog" in me)

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • Prefer not to say

    Votes: 4 14.3%

The Purge: How would you deal with this kind of situation?

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I guess this goes in here since it involves a family in a house, during a 12hr period of no emergency help for one night a year.

I assume most would stay home, but I'm sure a few guys would go out and try to help others maybe?

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I'd probably hit the woods for a few days. If not baracade and defend the apartment.
I would get a group of like minded folks together and try to help who I could. A life saved is a life lived.
OK I just now watched the vid.

I would gear up and fortify my position.

No prisoners.
I would hunker down only cause I have family, so that is my poll answer. Yet if I could gather a group of 6-12 guys I would go out and save a lot of the homeless or those who get caught after dark. Like a mother who has no car trying to make it home from the bus stop.

Funny how the kid asked his parents "how come you guys don't kill anyone" lol.

There people out there who would welcome this so they can go after people they do not like. 8pm to 8am I suppose this takes place during that time. Maybe 6/7pm-6/7am.
Until my girls came along, I would have found out how good the army trained me, now I would lock the place up and will not say what would happen to anyone getting through!
I'm staying visitors.
This looks very much like Detroit...everynight!:yup:
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I'm staying visitors.
This looks very much like Detroit...everynight!:yup:
Hmm. I'm hoping you've lived or at least visited Detroit before. If not, maybe don't make such callus statements?
I'd go to Mexico for the weekend...........
The concept of that movie is just messed up. Ugh.
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Interesting concept. I'd definitely go see this movie. I hope they show what people are doing instead of just focusing on the guy getting in the house and what happens afterwards.

What I would do? Hunker down. Nobody in, nobody out.
And Hollywood has the guts to promote the disarming of America while creating such reels of socially degrading celluloid. What incredible hypocrites.

Damned if I'll put out so much as a penny to see this kind of garbage.
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I have a family so I'm staying inside.
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The premise looks absurd but I love Lena Headey! Her presence makes almost anything worth a watch. I guess to answer the hypothetical [if absurd] question, I'd probably hole up in my house and lock the doors. I'd be cocked & locked and ready to rock! Probably gather all the family into one place, but only after making sure I was on their good side!
This appears to be a screenplay written by a juvenile.

Sorry, it just doesn't do it for me.
In that sort of scenario it seems like going out would almost result in imminent death.

I feel like I would treat it like any other bug out situation. Get out of the crowded area as quick as possible and have whatever you need to defend you and your own. All I know is that I for sure would not stay in my suburban home if this was the case.

It would be nice to know more of the premise of the movie, which I can't seem to find anywhere. Why is there this 12 hour period every year where it's acceptable? If crime is so low why make it okay for this one night?
Once a year, all those who can afford to leave the country do so, and all of the degenerates kill each other?

Because that's what I'd be doing.
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sounds like that is when i would have my annual vacation.
Guess call the crew together with all our combined weapons and bunker up.
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