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Weird indeed, but none of thier firearms industry ever had to worry about pleasing a public, just military, who usually don't care what the weapon looks like....look at that nifty little PP90M folding subgun! I want one - fugly as all get out, but how cool! You can have the weird revolvers, I'll take the PP90M and a 9A91, though I'll have to get Midway involved on the reloading dies for 9x39mm rifle ammo....

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QK - that is FUGLY!! :biggrin:

I guess the hammer shrouding is functional but won't win any beauty contests and the trigger guard - well - almost looks like the design is asking for folks to use weak hand fingers on that - which IMO is disasterous for lateral control under stress.

Oh well - I guess it goes ''Bang'' - :smile:

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No Udars

For Sale on Gunbroker Or GunsAmerica
The UDAR Revolver Complex provides the entire range of fighting means to be used by law enforcement agencies for a wide range of missions.

The complex comprises:
12.3 mm revolver;
12.3 mm live cartridge;
12.3 mm cartridge with plastic bullet;
pyroliquid cartridge;
noise cartridge.
The revolver fires different special cartridges produced on the basis of a hunting cartridge case, gauge 32.
The cartridge with a sub-calibre steel bullet is effective for suppression of an enemy wearing body armour. The bullet of this cartridge penetrates a 5mm-thick steel plate from a distance of aimed fire. The cartridge with a rubber bullet is used to stop anti-social behaviour. The colour ink bullet is intended for training exercises and "marking" of offenders.
The enemy wounded with a bullet of a high stopping capability is immediately disabled for active resistance. Shot cartridges are effectively used in conditions of limited visibility and in absence of confirmed information regarding the enemy whereabouts.
The revolver is loaded with a cartridge clip and used cartridge clip. Used cartridge cases are extracted simultaneously. Three filled reserve clips are carried in the box together with the holster.
The striker-and-trigger mechanism permits firing either in the self cocking mode or with the cock being set before firing.
Basic Characteristics

Weight with empty cylinder, g 950
Length, mm 210
Cylinder capacity, rds 5
Sighting range, m:
live cartridge 50
cartridge with plastic bullet 15
pyroliquid cartridge 5
Pattern of fire from supported sitting position, cm:
live cartridge at range of 25 m, R50mean, max 4
cartridge with plastic bullet at range of 25m, R50mean, max 20
pyroliquid cartridge at range of 4 m, R100mean, max 15
Cartridge noise sound pressure level at range of 1.5 m, dB, min 150

Basic Characteristics 7.62 mm Cartridge

Average value of bullet velocity V25, m/s 820 ... 835
Average value of maximum powder gas pressure, MPa (kgf/, not more than 303.8 (3,100)
Highest value of maximum powder gas pressure, MPa (kgf/, not more than 333,2 (3,400)
Maximum cartridge weight, g 9.9
Maximum cartridge length, mm 77.16
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