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The secret weapon they never knew they had!

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I am sure most of you have seen this on this news but I wanted to post it because it is a feel good story and the best 4 minutes of this kids life so far probably! Just wanted to give Jason (J-Mac) some more exposure.

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Yep - great story.

This young guy has really and deservedly gained some serious attention - and much too is down to the dedication of his parents, as well as the faith others have had in him too.

It is remarkable sometimes just how much talent some autistic, and even cerebral palsy people can have - tho hindered by their conditions in some respects, they can be truly gifted in others.

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Loved this story from the moment I saw it on the news. This is the kind of thing we need to hear more of, instead of just how bad kids are today. And boy, can the shoot that ball! Glad he met the President.:smile:
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