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AS title says

By Stephen A. Camp

5 :toilet:

For those of you who dont know Stephen from his post or other boards He has written a few other books one is the Shotter giude to the browning Hipower. You find good info in any of his posts and i hope he will join over here .

The book comes in 2 formats 8 x11.5 and a smaller version i chose the 8x11.5 sprial bound version The material is a good read and flows very well so it is a easy read took me less than 4 hours i would say and not of contiounous reading it just flowed that well.

The Meat of it starts with the 45acp cartridge and most of the different versions you can find it in along with Chronograph data and expansion data from some hunting use and water tests.

Then there are Range evaluations

Springfield Armory WWII Mil-Spec 45 acp


Kimber Custom Classic

Springfield Loaded 5 stainless

Colt MK IV Series 80

Colt National Match

Caspian/Colt by gunsmith Lou Williamson

Dan Wesson Patriot Expert

Sti Trojan

Good reviews to the Guns plus anymods done

The lightweight Springfield 5" is covered (old style0

The Colt commander

Plus the Compacts longslides and other calibers

The 22 kits have a could pages


Then we get into the Mods this isnt a gunsmithing guide just what you can do have done etc etc Sights,Grips,Front grips straps,Mainspring housings,Triggers.

Barrels bushings and accuracy .

Full length guide rods to have or have not

Those nasty front slide serrations

Thumb saftys and slide stops

Then we run into springs,buffers,firing pins and stops,hammers sears,extractors ejectors,feed ramps,Disconnectors

The old MIM vs Cast VS Forged and what some big name gunsmiths surprisingly to me had to say about MIM

Mags Mag Releases

How it works,Why wont it work and safety checks

The Variations by brand very eye opening.

Covers differents in widths of frames and other parts from the different manuf.

Firing pin safetys and diaabling safetys(a big no no as stated in book)

Modes of carry a good Disassembly pictorial and test plus Magazine Disassembly

Cleaning and Maintenance.

All in All a very good book those who have been around 1911 for years wont find a whole lot new to them but there will be some stuff those who neveror just got there first 1911 will find a well of information

If i ever starting looking for a Hipower i will deffently buy the Shooter Guide to the Hipower to be informed before i purchase


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Hey Steve - big ol' welcome - very glad you have come to join :smile:

I was just gonna post anyways - if the work on 1911 is anything as good as what I had from you re the BHP - then it has gotta be good.! :adore:

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Steven A. Camp

Welcome to our forum. :unitedsta
It's partly your forum now!
Giving you a Welcome is like saying "Howdy" to an old friend.
Thanks so much for registering.

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