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The Updated Bk. Of Concealed/Unusual Weapons

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I'm decently sure I have this in the correct area. It's intended for LEOs.
This is a PDF file. I hope it will be a live link. I found this page just cruising the general web. It is a fairly long list with "click box for photos/descriptions" of various assorted disguised weapons. I'm sure that most seasoned Police Officers are already familiar with many of them. I thought it might possibly be useful to the LEOS & other Good Guys that visit this site. I believe that these were all actual found & confiscated weapons. I'm sure that new ones are being "invented" by the Creative Bad Guys every day.
The motorcycle oil tank knife ~ flashlight gun ~ hairbrush dagger ~ razor sharp playing cards ~ bloodsucking pen ~ vehicle shade blowgun ~ cell phone stun gun ~ Pepsi machine converted to gun locker & the list goes on.
It's worth a look if you are in Law Enforcement & maybe see just one item that you didn't previously know about.
Be Careful Out There & May God Bless The Thin Blue Line.

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Link didn't work, but I have seen it - it's from Florida Dept of Justice, and it IS an LE only site. I have a printed out copy at work for referance for Visitation staff, and Intake.
armoredman...Are You Sure it's an LE Only Site ?

I'm not exactly sure how I found it but, it was a couple of weeks ago & it was in a general GOOGLE search on the web.
I think you need to have something like Adobe Acrobat installed to read PDF files anyway.
In the interest of maintaining absolute forum integrity...since this is not just a LEO only site...Maybe the link should be deleted. I no longer have an "Edit" option showing up there otherwise I would. I guess I'll leave it up to Bumper. Thanks for the "heads up" armoredman.
My Regards,
I saw this linked form a NICAP or maybe Fed Crime reporting website. Great info and it shows the ingeniousness of the criminal mind.

I have seen and handled a soap box that fires twin .22, .25, or .32 roudns when teh soap box is compressed. I have also seen a car door made to fire twin dbl barrle shotguns out the driver door when a second lever was pulled thereby cutting a LEO almost in half.

For those of you "on the job" please pay attention and keep a mindful and vigilant eye and please make it home to your loved ones.


I was trying to think of exactly how I found that page.
Possibly it was from a link provided on GlockTalk. :confused:
I'm just not sure but, I had it bookmarked in my computer.
My wife's relative was a prison guard for years. It's amazing what devices the criminal mind can come up with & fabricate from seemingly nothing in "raw" materials. It's a real shame that their "creative energy" can't be directed toward things that are Constructive rather than Destructive.
But, I guess that's why they're the evil Bad Guys.
I think LEOs have to walk such a "Tight Rope" these days. It's a shame.
I also just hope they always stay "on guard" & get home safe.
Our valued Police Officers are societies only solid dividing line between Order & General Chaos.
They are our main line of defense against societal collapse & almost never get the appreciation that they deserve.
I hope that I can say this the right way...One of the Good Things that came out of Sept. 11 was that all of America (and the rest of the world) could see the "stuff" that our Police & Firefighters are made of.
They are heroes Every Single Day & NOT just during a national tragedy/disaster like 9/11
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armoredman said:
Link didn't work, but I have seen it - it's from Florida Dept of Justice, and it IS an LE only site. I have a printed out copy at work for referance for Visitation staff, and Intake.
Actually, the site was owned by the Daniel Fraembs Training Center, which is part of the Pomona Police Department. In checking the link out I found I could get into some of their unprotected directories. I decided to be on the safe side and remove the link as they had alot of information that really has no place out in the wild. I have notified their webmaster of the availability of their information on the Internet. Thanks, guys for raising your concerns...

I also sent them an email since I was able to access their info from a Google search. I backed up through their entire directory structure and didn't find anything that was protected. I assume that if you have a training login you can access the areas we were. It may not be a problem, but at least they will know about it. If it is supposed to be secure I wonder who didn't test it? We probably got someone in trouble.

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