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The wait is over (well all most)

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My wife called me while I was on my way home from work today. The Sheriffs Dept. had just called and said my paper work for my concealed carry permit was in and ready to be picked up. Just need to get down their and pick up the paper work, go the the local license bureau, get my picture taken and I am good to go. Now all I need is to be able to get off work early enough to get this all done. :danceban:
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A serious case of diarreah sounds viable.
I am going to be in surgery with a doc that likes to work all day long. When I left work looked like we should be done around 3:00 PM but this doc tends to add things on at the last minute so we will just have to see how it goes.
Congrats! Don't forget the nachos trip!
Congrats. Carry well.
How long did it take for them to process your stuff? I'm taking my training class this Saturday and will probably get the paperwork started next Monday.
Good news Mike - all but there!

Natchos come second BTW - WalMart is first on your list :wink:
I applied March 27th. When I did the paper work the lady at the desk said it was taking 30 to 45 days for most to come back. However a lady at work applied a month before I did and hers was back in 2 weeks. Good luck with yours. Where are you taking your class if you don't mind my asking?
Thanks for the good words everyone. I am sure Wal Mart will be the first trip out.
I'm taking my class at Top Guns Range in Imperial, MO. The class is being put on by Duaine Zeitz.
Hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine.
Congrats Mike! :usflag:
Let us know when you've gained a bit of weight...over on one side. :biggrin2:
Congrats..... Use it wisely.
Well another day of working late so no permit in hand. Tomorrow is looking hopeful. Just enough cases on the schedule to keep us going until noon. If nothing adds on I can get it all taken care of. I will let you know.
Good luck Mike! I figure you'll be packin' a Glock but I won't hold that against you :wink: (j/k). Good to hear you're almost home free.
Congrats, Hope your schedule cooperates today for ya.
Well I am home with permit in hand :banana: Feels good to have that all over with. Now I just need to get comfortable with carrying in public. I know it will come with time.
Jack you are right I will be packing a Glock :haha: and doing it with pride. Now Wal Mart look out, because here I come.
Congrats Mike,You will feel comfy carrying in no time.
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