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The Weatherby Mark XXII

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Here is a rifle of mine that you don't see very often.
It a very classy .22 rimfire Weatherby Mark XXII ~ Really nice fancy grained Walnut stock with a white line spacer and a Rosewood fore-end - Nice Long DEEP hot blued tapered barrel - Nice factory sights.
I have a LEUPOLD scope on mine.

An INTERESTING feature on this 10 shot magazine fed .22 is the unusual select fire Auto to Single Shot lever. Neat!

My rifle has had a couple of changes that I made to the stock (which was a bit too short for me) since there was no Rosewood available to me (at the time) I carefully added an African Bubinga~Wood butt extension.
Also...since I hate really glossy heavily varnished wood I stripped plastic looking finish off the stock and gave it just a light oil finish. Much more natural looking but, still waterproof.
The original wood looked like a Perfect Walnut Mirror but, I just personally hate that look on any wood. So...I got rid of it. :biggrin:
I apologize for the the terrible photo.
Extremely ACCURATE rifle!
It is such a pleasure to shoot!
The rifle is a "tack~driver" with a nice light, very crisp trigger.
This rifle was assembled for Weatherby in Japan to cut production costs.
I hafta say...the Japanese did an Absolutely Beautiful Job of it!
These sell for a lot of $$ these days - (of course) I altered mine so...I'm guessing that has affected its resale value a bit.

Here are some other pics from the web.

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Beautiful rifle QK - I envy you that. :smile:

Seeing as you brought that one up, let me throw in another ''oldie''. This is my Mauser Obendorfe .22LR, 10 round mag, bolt action. It is I believe circa 1920's and supposedly in good shape worth a grand or so. Mine is not 100% having ''been around'' and seen much use but still - a pretty clean specimen.

Back in IIRC 1995, I assisted a farmer in controlling his darned rabbit explosion - took 134 during the summer months. Very accurate (if heavy) rifle. Good thing is tho it fits like a full size and heck - the chamber area is all of 1" diameter - if you didn't see the wee magazine you'd think the gun was a .243 or .270 at least!

Not a great pic re quality - oh and scope is not too special but does just fine.

This would be one of the last guns I'd wish to part with.


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Really Nice Chris

Very Nice Classic.
Yes, that is worth a few dollaros.

Another GREAT .22 was the Remington Matchmaster...of which I had a MINT one that I sold for about 200 buck 20 years ago & is now selling for about 1,500 - This was exactly the one I had.

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Oh shucks QK - how often do we regret selling a gun eh! That is a beaut' and certainly would be in demand right now - I bet you wonder where it is!!

One other I got rid of and have felt sick ever since - was a BSA MkII target rifle - Martini action, heavy barrel and totally tricked out with hand stop, butt hook, Parker Hale aperture sights - including front sight which took one of many inserts. I don't even have a pic <sigh>.

I used to do precision rifle smallbore back in 80's and this rifle now would cost about $600 and up even in basic trim. I traded that in - plus a small .410 folder (which I also regret losing) - to get my first centerfire revo - actually my original M27.

Oh well - we live and learn.
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