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It went up for ratification yesterday and I can't find word one about it. Nothing on TV or in the newspapers. I know the liberals are just hoping it will go away. Anyone heard anything? Thanks.

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WI Update Forward!!!!!

email forwarded


At 3:10 am this morning, the state Assembly passed the Personal
Act shall-issue concealed carry bill by a vote of 64 to 32.

All Republican members of the Assembly voted for the bill, except for
Republican Representative Mary Williams who was absent due to illness,
for the seat left vacant by Republican Representative Vrakas. That seat
soon be filled by a PPA supporter.

Democrats voting for the bill were the five who voted for the bill and
veto override last year: Representatives Barbara Gronemus, Marlin
John Steinbrink, Terry Van Akkeren, and Amy Sue Vruwink. Also joining
Democrats in voting for the bill was Representative Mary Hubler of Rice

This brings us to exactly the number of votes we need for a veto
And Representative Hubler made a public statement that, given the
she requested, she would vote for the bill and for a veto override.

Two Democratic representatives from solidly pro-gun districts did not
for the bill: Representative Mike Sheridan of Janesville, and
Tom Nelson from the Kaukauna area.

There were several amendments added to the bill, including a provision
requires a brief "refresher" course upon the expirement of the five
permit; a provision that requires those carrying to have a blood
level of less than .02%; a provision prohibiting carry by persons
outside a
motor vehicle less than 100 feet from a school, school playground, or
property owned by a public school; and a provision that would make it a
felony for any person to make a false statement on the application for

Many who receive these email alerts will be offended by the amendments
had to be accepted. Rest assured, so are the hundreds of WCCA
who've worked literally thousands of hours over the past four years to
us this far.

However, in many respects this bill is less restrictive than the
bill. And, make no mistake, the anti-gunners tried their best. They
tried to
exempt the city of Milwaukee from an area where you could carry. When
failed, they tried to exempt all of Milwaukee county. They tried to
places where children play and alcohol is present--their so-called
"Chuck E
Cheese's" exemption. They tried to probibit carry at Miller Park
the State Fair Park, and the Summerfest grounds.

They tried to prohibit carry at any facility where nurses work. They
to prohibit carry at any place that could be called a "playground."
tried to make the list of permit holders available to the public,
the news media. They tried to make it illegal for an employee of a
to even have a firearm in his vehicle if it was in the company's
lot. They tried to prohibit carry in any place that could be called a
"financial institution." They tried to make all private property
to carry, unless the owner of the property posted a "guns-welcome"

And it went on, and on, and on.

Those who stayed up until the wee hours to listen to the debate know
there were many, many restrictions on carry that were shot down.
Representative Gunderson did an exceptional job in getting the needed
while shunting off amendments that would have turned this bill into a
worthless piece of paper.

If we didn't have one of the most anti-gun governors in the country,
amendments wouldn't even be necessary.

But, the fact is, Governor James Doyle is indeed one of the most
governors in the country. If Governor Doyle had not been able to dupe
gun owners back in 2002 into believing that he was pro-gun, we would
have a
clean shall-issue concealed carry law right now.

That's history. Today is today.

Consider this: Governor Doyle right now has low approval numbers, but
does not mean that he can't win re-election. If he does, his power over
members of his party in the legislature will only be stronger.

Here's an even more ominous possibility: twenty legislative Republicans
be retiring from office in 2006. If the Republicans should suffer even
a net
three-seat loss in the state senate, the concealed carry bill will
even get a committee hearing, much less a floor vote. It would be a
of 2002, when Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Chvala controlled the
and kept the bill from being voted upon.

If the Democrats win back the Senate, it will not matter who is
the Personal Protection Act will never see a vote.

With those two possibilities facing us, supporters of the bill decided
we would stand a better chance of getting an amended bill passed now,
than gamble on what happens in the elections next November.

Because of the additional amendments, the bill now heads back to the
where members will vote to approve the amendments. There should be no
there, and the amended bill should pass quickly.

And then, of course, Governor Doyle will veto the bill.

In the coming weeks, it is extremely important that you write, call and
email your representatives to either thank them for their vote, or to
them to reconsider their positions and vote to override Governor
veto. If Representative Gary Sherman could change his position last
year and
vote to sustain Doyle's veto then, with enough pressure from
constituents, a
legislator who voted against the bill today can change his or her
and vote to override the veto.

The first veto override session will take place in the Senate sometime
January, and then will be followed by an Assembly veto override vote.

That gives us just weeks to convince members of the Assembly that their
chances of re-election this fall lie not with the governor, but with
massive numbers of gun owners in the state.

This has been a tough fight, and we've come a long way, too far to give

We've reached the number of votes to defeat Doyle. Whether or not we
win is
up to you.

To get the contact information for your representative, go to and enter your address.

And, please forward this to every friend of Freedom that you know.

The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association


We are watching this pretty heavy on but it seem's that they do have enough vote's to possibly veto it. We will see.


34 Posts - this site will tell you more than you want to know about the bill. you can even watch live video feeds of the chamber while the debates are going on. I work third shift, and I was lucky to be on a computer most of the night last night, so I was able to watch most of the debates. It's pretty interesting. Right now, the ammended bill will go back to the senate so that they can pass it again, after that, it goes to Doyle to get vetoed, and then back to the senate/house to hopefully override that.:comeandgetsome:

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What a convoluted and lengthy process to ratify what should be a simple right. :cuss:

Glad it looks better than it did - small bonus I guess.

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We went through this same crap in Missouri and I am sure it has been close to the same way in every state when trying to pass it. It is very thick red tape that will be cut in time.

I will not be happy until all 50 state's have RTC!


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+1...the benefit of 50 state RTC and reciprocity would be enormous to everyone, even the anti's. They just don't know it yet....
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