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One suggestion: This is why a lot of folks won't do the rental thang themselves. This is one reason why a decent property management group is worth its weight in gold. Avoiding physically being there when you know it's likely to blow sideways on any given day is 95% of the battle ... by avoiding it in the first place. Just a thought. Doesn't mean you need to sell. But it's a suggestion that you think hard about whether you must absolutely physically be there when you know that place draws a hard crowd that's entirely likely to get the better of you at some point. I'm just sayin'.

You can also adjust your procedures. Have an iron-clad procedure for security set up. Pre-screen all applicants. If you're going to meet someone physically, first ensure you've run the background check and called references for character and prior rental history; and, be with a second person during brief, fixed hours, when you'll bee interviewing people. Have a property management group deal with your pre-screenings. ONLY those who make it through the sieve get to see you, let alone get to know the address of the place you're renting. That sort of cordon will help eliminate much of the "pus" that's oozing on your front entryway.

For the most part, these guys are just loud but leave, but my dad keeps making the statement that he feels one of these days he will be stabbed or attacked dealing with these issues, and I try to go with him whenever I can to be of assistance. Also let it be known that due to a shoulder injury, my fathers left are is practically useless.
Serious difference in strength/age/ability, generally speaking. It's called disparity of force. Fairly easy to point to and to use as legitimate support of justification for action, in any legal tangle, assuming the totality of circumstances fully supports your actions.

... undesirables ... guy is just going crazy ... police are called ... guy grabs a weapon, and starts for us ...
At that moment, you need to react effectively or (likely) die. Doesn't mean "draw" necessarily, right now, but it means effectively stop the threat. (Look into H2H, force-on-force combatives and similar training, as it'll help clarify what is likely to be relied on in such situations of CQB). Decide NOW whether you'd take such a situation at face value or not, 'cause you won't have time at the moment it occurs.

(for sake of discussion, a knife or a baseball bat)
Doesn't really matter, as all the pieces are in place for you (anyone) to legitimately believe your life is being seriously threatened, IMO.

He is ordered several times to stop but refuses and advances farther ...
Terminate the threat. Now. He has given every single possible indication he's going to terminate you, now. Waiting is entirely likely to get you killed.

... say he is unarmed but comes as a threat.
Repeat these words: You. Don't. Know. That.

You simply don't. You don't happen to see a man-made weapon at this point, but you can't possibly know that a person who is display every manifest intention of threatening you has failed to plan for his basic nature by arming himself with something you cannot see. To loll about and mull it over in your head at the moment an attack is going down might very well get you killed. Caution, since you're already behind the curve, here, and desperately striving to catch up and get into the driver's seat.

That being said, the suggestion by others of a non-lethal defensive weapon might be worthwhile to consider. Depends on how you've trained, and on how the situation goes down, as to whether it'll be useful in the given situation. No telling, as of now. All you can to is study, train, and run these scenarios through your head until you are prepared to handle the ugly variety of them.

He is getting loud and maybe violent, at what point would it be justified in pulling a weapon?
In Oregon, it's basically the "reasonable man" standard, though we have no "Castle" type laws.

So, for me, essentially the gauge is when I reach the point that I believe my life/limb is at risk of loss, I am absolutely justified in taking the precautions I deem are required to halt the threat against me.

Now, the wrinkle obviously is that nobody judging my actions after the fact is absolutely required to agree with me. He/she/they might have political motivations to disagree, might have had a bad burrito, might have had someone say something disparaging within earshot that suggests the situation's unworthy. Such a person might well disagree to the point I get the gas or chair. Such is life, with CHL.

I'll go with my intuition, with what's required at the moment, knowing what I've been counseled and read and been trained. With how I've been trained for such situations, I will worry about the ramifications after the immediate threat has concluded.

Now, I'm aging, I'm disabled in my hip/leg, I'm not running anywhere. And I'm in a situation like you're describing, with a person fairly obviously threatening me, manifestly with the intent, will, physical ability, physical access and (likely) weapon to do me deadly damage. You do the math. I have.

My basic gauge is that if I feel threatened, if I make the legitimate demand someone exit my property because I'm feeling threatened, and then that person subsequently ratchets up the attack another few degrees ... well, then, that's the moment I'm going to refuse the attentions of this attacker (as evidenced by his/her/their manifest actions, words, body language and patent refusal to acknowledge a legitimate demand by a citizen to be left alone).

How your state varies, in this regard, I do not know. An attorney who is competent in the area of self-defense and the legitimate use of lethal-force in your state should know, particularly if that person has a long history of successful criminal defense against spurious charges by the State in such situations. Time to speak with yours (assuming he/she is competent in this area).
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