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Thinning the herd in 2006

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Don't fret... every one of these I have either replaced or am going to replace!

What's fair value? I'm especially interested in what our resident merchants of death have to say, hehe!

Basically all of these are cheapies I have just for fun that going to be replaced with something very similar that's more suited to my personal preferences.

-XD40 blued, excellent condition, less than 700 rounds through it, 2 ten round magazines, factory case and papers -$300 maybe tops?

-Ruger 10/22 carbine synthetic/stainless - runs like a top but shoots high, about 2500 rounds through it, one factory 10 round rotary magazine - no idea, hoping $125

-Mosin Nagant 1891/30 - $40-$50 at best I would imagine probably less

-I am considering also relieving myself of one of my SKSes - Norinco with a conventional aftermarket synthetic stock - $100 mark?

None of these are exactly precious or pricey, but I'm not sure what they are worth used. For the most part I tend to get things I want to keep. I just sort of missed the mark with a couple of these.

You'll notice in pretty much all cases but perhaps the Mosin's I'd be keeping the accessories and magazines for it. I'm not abandoning the platforms, I'm just looking to upgrade and don't really want to keep the old one for anything.

The XD40 is my spare not my carry piece and I'm considering putting it towards an XD45 (the other XD40 would then become the spare), the 10/22 I will use to finance a 10/22 in a different configuration, and the 1891/30 I really want to trade for an M38 or M44, or else put towards a K-31. I found I like the smaller Mosins better despite the fact they kick like a mule.
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XD depending on condition is probably IMO about right - we've sold the few used ones we've had in quickly in the $350 range. Depending on your market and including the 10 rounders, you're certainly in the ballpark. Ask $325 and be willing to dicker.

10/22, probably about what you're asking. Range is $80-125 depending on who, what, and luck of the draw.

SKS with synthetic stock, $100 is probably a bit low unless your market is flooded. I'd ask $125.

Nagant, don't bother. If it's in OK condition and shoots, keep it as a loaner, a gift for a friend, or whatever - it's worth more as a tool than in what you'll get out of it.

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Euc - I am not market expert like rfurtkamp but the Norinco IMO should sell for way more than $100 - my Norinco is way better than my Yugo or Romanian - I'd look for $150 minimum from mine.

I should (in theory) do some herd thinning but - not too many more wants on the list that are ''musts'' and when I think of some of the C&R type stuff realize that selling is rather pointless for what I'll get back so - best kept as tools.

The ''nice'' stuff of course - can't bring myself to part with!

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Hehe lots of interest.

Not ready to move on any of these just yet, have had one inquiry. Just some things I'm considering doing after the 1st of Jan.

Thanks for all the feedback. If I decide to do anything I'll make another post. Just trying to gauge fair market value. I don't want to oversell or undersell.
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