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This Is Neat ~ Gun Smithing Vids ~ Knives

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Click Here To Roll Your Own & Make It ~ Do It ~ Yourself!

Technical instruction videos. Rent Them for a week. Pay through it for a week...take notes...pop it back into the mail. Simple & Easy! $9.99 Rental Fee.

AK~47 AR15 !!! ~ GLOCK Smithing ~ 1911 Smithing ~ Knife & Holster Making ~ Brain Tanning your own deer skin. Nice selection of great titles for those types of mountain man rugged individuals who want to learn how to do it themselves! Some really UNUSUAL, Atypical Titles.

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Hey now that is fairly nice to be able to rent
True but somethings might be better to have the vid for to rewatch .. but for most your right
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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