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This is VERY refreshing - (vid)

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This was posted on THR - do go view or download - it is one of the best bits of media coverage re CCW I think I have ever seen.

More than refreshing - encouraging even. Still some folks around who have logic on their side.
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The only thing I don't like is how they support the allegation that a gun can kill somebody. A gun can't do anything. A person can certainly kill somebody.

Other than that nitpick, fairly objective piece that shows the stark reality of concealed carry.
the nice thing about her story, the odds are she'll convert one or two people she knows and we will have more believers from that...
Nice Video! It warms my heart to see that that state requires you to be able to hit 15 out of 20 shots in the black to get your licance. That way someone who has no skill with a gun isnt just shooting with their eyes closed. Or possibly not hit the intended target and end up hurting someone else. Great stuff mang!!
Gelicious said:
Nice Video! It warms my heart to see that that state requires you to be able to hit 15 out of 20 shots in the black to get your licance
It makes me sick actually. But then again the whole concept you need a permit makes me sick so perhaps that's a moot point.
Nicely done.

I only have a problem with the accuracy requirements. On the black of a B-27 target at 7 yards?? Talk about easy. Woah.
But then again the whole concept you need a permit makes me sick so perhaps that's a moot point.
Euc - I and most here I suspect are on your page 100% - but taking things as they are - it is still good to see that the media can even bring itself to broadcast something - which essentially is a pro RKBA deal in many ways.

It ain't perfect but - it sure is best reportage I have seen in a long while.
Good video, need to see more of them
I think the link is broken. But I'm at work so that may have something to do with it.
Euclidean said:
It makes me sick actually. But then again the whole concept you need a permit makes me sick so perhaps that's a moot point.
Me too, kinda. I'm in conflict about this. Constitutionally, we have the right to carry, period. But unfortunately that right, which I fully support, means that anyone (legal of course) can buy a handgun. They may never shoot it, but may carry it in case they need it. Then what if I or mine are on the scene when this guy decides he needs to use his gun, there's no tellin' who might be shot by his poor shooting.

Well, I left out the point: so at least states that require training to obtain a permit, at least teaches the guy basics. I think the only reason the untrained don't lead to more tragedies, is that often the gun is enough to end the confrontation without shots being sprayed.
It was a positive media clip - one we're not likely to see here in Mass.
Thanks P95Carry! :smilez: That was good to read (and also to watch and listen to - Great job by Maria the reporter) because most of the time (as you know) the media (print, television, etc.) twists every report into their anti-gun agenda.

I'd like to mention the book The Bias Against Guns by John Lott.
Maybe many folks here have read it, if not, I'd recommend it. Using facts and examples, Lott shows how most of the time pro-gun facts are buried by media people because of their bias against guns.

Not that people here don't already know that. However the book gives solid information that can help you respond to those that want to ban guns.
Yep, Maria is one of our very own in Missouri, we have a running thread about it on Regardless, the story was the best and most positive I have seen on CCW yet.

Many of us have emailed Maria congratulating on what a good job she did on her piece and invited here to and chime in our discussion. She has emailed many of us back thanking for the support and we are hoping that she will stop by soon.

I don't think that she had any idea that she would receive so much support for doing this story, cause we some what flooded her email the minute the story ended. I urge you to do the same and possibly get another story about it stating how much positive support the story has received.

This is a very big plus and a positive story for Missouri and just in time for our neighbors in Kansas because they are moving forward on voting on CCW again this month and for anti Missourians to chill out and accept that CCW is a good thing and crime actually goes down when in acted and that us law abiding CCW citizens aren’t going to have the wild west shoot outs and shooting up people for cutting a CCW'er off while driving or something stupid like that as they predicted would happen.

Maria's story made them choke on their words.

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OK, I admit that I'm a PIG! But I think Maria is a major "babe" and that will help other "pigs" watch that story. :image035:

In every state that has finally passed a CCW bill, the story has always been the same. The fears of the "anti's" did not come true, the effect has been measurably for the good.

Even so, the anti argument about "blood on the streets" and "shoot-out at the OK Coral" are still raised, and successfully defeat the restoration of the the 2nd Amendment in states that try to correct that situation.

I've never quite understood just how a rabid minority wields such power! Guess it comes down to the :sheep: mentality being so prevalent.

It's been nice, but I must go scream now. . .

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Yes, Maria is a looker but very married! :twak:


It's OK, won't hold that against her, I'm married too! :gah:
I just like to "window-shop." :biggrin2:

Don't we all!

Update: Maria posted on Missouri carry thanking everyone for there support and I posted this thread so she could see that it's moving around fast.

I can't post the thread because of having to sign up first to see it so I just wanted to let you know she is aware of the threads and she say's she is going to keep up on CCW.

If we keep knocking at the door with support for her story maybe Maria will do another follow up story on the positive support she has received.

That was well done. While I personally feel that I shouldn't need any kind of license to carry a firearm (and I'm strange enough that I do not think people should be precluded from owning fully automatic firearms...), we did have a long, tiring fight here in Missouri to get our right to carry recognized by the state. My wife worked a lot of hours during the first round, when St Louis basically told the rest of the state via the voting booth that we couldn't carry.
It's good to see any positive media coverage. I do hope Maria follows up on her story.
That story actually gave me a shiver (in the good way) as the media NEVER usually portrays guns in any way but a negative light.
i applaud her, the reporter and the tv station for being HONEST!!
and the sherriff also. very honest seeming man with integrity to be willing to go in front of his voters and say that!
more honesty is what this "battle" needs.
and for some states it is a battle.
Frist I had heard of it or seen it,, as an old retired cop , itwarms my heart to see a CHief/Sheriff who has some common sense, and it appears that the reported at least is fair minded about the whole issue.

NOticed in the segment, that Billy Joe was using the 22 for practice, here again for me it showed a coach with sense
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