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Thoughts on TSC UCR Holster

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Anyone have any experience with the TSC USC holster from Threat Solutions?

In another post someone mentioned them and gave them praise. I use a fist kydex w/J hook for my Kahr P9 and love how thin it is, however, I've thought of getting something more secure. It looks like the USC holster has what I would want to call "reverse" J hooks, one on either side of the weapon and the holster seem sto have a molded in curve to it. Seems like that might be good for one guy but not another depending on your own size and shape.

Anyway, if you've used this holster, I'd be curious what you think/thought about it.

PS, anyone ever use an Andrews Leather McDaniel IWB for a Kahr?


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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