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Three Pocket Holsters for the BG380 a short Review with Pictures

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Hello Folks,

Thought I might try a variety of pocket holsters for my BG380 and pass along my thoughts.

I purchased 3 pocket holsters.

1. Inexpensive Elite Survival Systems synthetic

2. Holsters by Braids a "one at a time guy" in Myrtle Beach. (Black Leather) Can be found on eBay.

3. Red Dog Gun Leather from Texas. Also a small hand made holster business. (Brown Leather) Can be found on eBay

1. The ESS holster is exactly what one would expect. Being synthetic It's light. It fits the BG380 nicely but, due to there being no cover flap, it tends to print in the right front pocket of jeans. Not so bad in dress slacks actually. This holster draws perfectly, the outside of the holster creates enough friction against the pocket liner to facilitate an easy draw. This holster is available widely on the internet, and is very economically priced.

2. The Holsters by Braids is cut from a very heavy leather and as such it will take some time to break in properly. It fits the BG380 quite well, it also has the added feature of the brass fittings being "snaps". This means that one can remove the leather cover flap for front pocket, or jacket pocket use should one choose to do so.

The design is troubling in one way however. Unlike the ESS or the Red Dog the holster encases the entire pistol, the BG380 just about disappears into the Braids. While this is probably behoving to keeping your pistol pristine, it creates a little to much friction on the draw. The holster want to slide right out of your pocket along with the BG380. Mr. Braids suggested some light gun oil inside the holster, that may work just fine, but it seems a little counter productive to dress slacks..

The Red Dog holster is my favorite of this group. The leather is supple and holds the pistol perfectly, it releases perfectly as well even from brand new. The cover flap, which lacks the quick removal snaps of the Braids holster, is smaller and softer and forms to the shape of your body more easily. While the cover flap or concealment lacks snaps, it is held on by two easily removable brass screws.

The holsters are depicted in the photographs separately and as a group. I also included one image of my new “everyday carry” setup. The BG380 holstered in the Red Dog Gun Leather pocket holster, along with Hornady Critical Defense FTX™ ammo.

Hope this helps others in their quest for the perfect pocket holster.


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