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Time at the Shooting Range

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In the summer I usually average maybe 3 times per month, in winter I am lucky to get to the range once a month. The more I shoot, the better I get, but when I have not been to the range I lose my edge quickly. Is everyone else like this?

How much time do you normally spend at the range per week or month?

Do you usually go to indoor or outdoor ranges?
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I try to shoot every weekend but have faltered during Christmas. Plan to be back to run another 300-400 this weekend. I normally shoot an indoor range unless I also have a rifle or shotgun with me.

Like Mike, our winters are like northern summers. :kay:

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Nowadays we\'re lucky to go once a month. We love a local outdoor range for fun and rifle shooting, but Jensen\'s indoor range is where I do serious pistol work.
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